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Howdy y’all, your MILF Mistress Vivian here to show off the start of YMM’s redesign. It was time to tidy up and hopefully improve the navigation. Site improvements will be on-going, so comments and suggestions are appreciated.

I’d like to thank our always-supportive Miss Cassidy from HelpMyCock for the pretty banner, and fast turnaround time. YMM is pleased to have MILF Meredith from The Sexy Truth, here as a regular contributor.

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What Attracts You to Your MILF Mistress?

We always seem to know exactly what makes your cocks perk up. That’s extremely attractive to every man. but what I want to know is … what specifically makes you crazy lusty for a mature Woman? Maybe that’s a rhetorical question; callers have been confessing their darkest and nastiest proclivities to me, for nearly 10 years.

Her age? Too subjective – MILFs – Cougars – GILFs – can range in years, anywhere from 18 to 80. Personally, I’m delighted that my senior status is so popular with young men these days. They unwittingly keep this old gal lively and damp.

The Nitty-gritty

If we factor out age, we can get down to the nitty-gritty and share some of the tidbits you fellows feed me, when your throbbing cocks are dripping and your brain is in a fog. No matter if a MILF lover is an A-type or submissive slut, there are a few consistencies in both.

Men of all ages appreciate our intelligence and confidence. They seek out women with a controlling nature, and who are powerful enough to keep him on his knees, begging to please.

We know how to dress with style, dance with grace and able to carry on a conversation with anyone from a pauper. When she mingles and works the room, she is sure that – a small single gesture will have you at her side in an instance. Her control over you, turns you weak and wanting more.

After The Ball Is Over

I know what it means in your world to have a stunning and accomplished woman on your arm. Just walking into the room, you gain reputation, admiration and a something called stroke.

If they only knew what would transpire the moment we were alone. They would be chartreuse with envy.

College boys and MILFS

college boys and milfs

college boys and milfs

Many thanks to Guest Blogger Meredith  for a great post about college boys and MILFs.  Miss Viv

So, I was just on vacation and got home. The airport was packed with all these hot studs coming back from the weekend. I live in a college town, so they are crawling with them. I usually avoid the college areas, but these guys were so hot, they made me re-think that. As I was waiting for my luggage, looking tall and tan and a little older, I got to thinking about college boys and MILFS. I mean, why not, right?

College Boys & MILF initiation!

As I said, I live in a college town, But it never occurred to me to try the younger set. But these guys were def hotties and getting my motor running! I felt a bit like Mrs. Robinson as I smiled and made eye contact with a few. Why limit myself to one, right? Anyway, I guess I am going to be part of the college guys and MILFS equation now!

Now, there is a difference between cougars and MILFS, just so you know. I am not a cougar, but did feel like pouncing on some of these hotties! Tight jeans, fit, trim and willing to take directions. Who could ask for anything more?

What’s next?

I had help with my luggage from one college boy, who was charming and slipped me his number discretely. Another said he would love to take me out on the town and I thought… Oh, you have no idea! Another one needed a ride, so I offered. Ok, so call me a cock teasing MIlF! I don’t care. He was handsome as hell and I certainly gave him the ride of his life!

Nothing too over the top, after all we just met. But I certainly bent down as I leaned in front of him to get something out of the glove box. My low cut top inviting him to fantasize. I am going to have fun in my college town! School is in session!

Cock Suckers Know Older Women Love To Watch

MILF Mistress Vivian Knows Cock Suckers Love Older Women

Submit to the Experience of Older Women


When an Older Women Day Dreams

Yup, youse guys! Seems whenever I start daydreaming one of you cock sucking lil man-whores just slip right into my brain. You on your knees at the Glory Hole, sucking anything that gets waved in your face. You, strolling up and down the aisles of the big rigs at the truck stop, hoping some horny old dude flashes his bits at you – inviting your sweet slut mouth to get to work. Just the though of it gets this older woman all a glow.

What’s  Your Sucking Style?

Know the other reason I’ve got jizz gobblers on my mind today? YOU! You know who you are, calling me up and begging to show your cock sucking skills on cam. Yes, you who went out to buy The Perfect Dildo as I directed and had it already stuck to the headboard, ready to amuse. I adored the hot red lipstick you plastered on your lips and how you ran your mouth up and down the shaft, and winking at me.
Oh you are such a dirty, dirty faggot for Mistress! So, you can see why you stay on my mind, when you do all the tasks I assign – and then go a step further, just to please me. That’s why I can’t seem to get you off my mind. It must be time for sloppy seconds.

Don’t you agree that older women – will rock your world.

Meet MILF Mistress Meredith

Mistress Meredith MILF

Mistress Meredith MILF

Hello stud. Does that seem funny? Well, it shouldn’t. I look at you like a younger then me man who is in his sexual prime. you offer things that excite me, things that older men can’t. For instance, I bet you can go the distance. I bet you can last and last and last! I am all about that, stud! Now, I am not really old enough to be the M in the MILF, but I can easily be the step mom. EASILY. So here I am, Mistress Meredith MILF!


you know what that means, right? Mom I Like to Fuck? This is why I say I am more the step mom. you know, the naughty thoughts you have about your girlfriends hot step mom? That is quite a MILF fantasy you got going on there!

Oh, don’t worry, your secret MILF secret is safe with me! That is the beauty of a mature sensual encounter. I am not a giggly young school girl needing to share all the details with my girlfriends. No. I am more like a real, live woman who knows herself and what makes my body satisfied. you satisfy my body quite nicely!

Why do younger men need a MILF phone sex Mistress? Because you are sexually inexperienced and need some expert sexpert training! Who better then an experienced lover to teach you the ways to please a woman? It is the best gift I can give you. One that keeps on giving!

I appreciate an eager, enthusiastic lover and one willing to learn. In other words: Do as I say! I won’t steer you wrong, trust me! We will enjoy each other totally and you be like a new man! you will have the swagger! The sexy confidence that knowing how to please a woman brings you!

Sexy Older Women Are Like Fine Wine

Sexy Older Women are like a Chateau Mouton Rothschild., rare, precious and worth the wait

Older Women . Do Handle w/ Care

If you have ever lusted after an older woman, there are a few things you ought to know. Now, I’m not talking about a 20-something MILF, but us gals who have reached the age of free senior coffee.

Have you ever been in a fine wine cellar?

The #1 Rule is: Handle w/ care!

It is a temperature-controlled cavern, containing rack after rack of dusty bottles, and is the perfect environment to keep wines that can be as old as 100 years or more. Wines of those qualities are handled with extreme care, rotated gently on a schedule, assuring that when it is finally uncorked, each glass will be perfect.

Older Women Are Like Fine Wine

Like a Chateau Mouton Rothschild, a sexy and kinky cougar is rare, sought after and expensive. She is used to the finer things in life and she is well past the age where she will accept anything less than the best.

With so many years of experience there comes a wealth of wisdom, patience, and confidence. When you add in a lusty love of submissive men, it’s like a crisp glass of Mum’s – so hard to resist.

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Yahoo Messenger Changes

Good afternoon dear readers!

Yahoo Messenger has released a new version of their chat program, and with it – changes that affect my erotic entertainment business.

The upgraded version includes a redesign of the user interface, and the Preferences configurations have been removed. This means – when your entire Buddy list is automatically added . . . → Read More: Yahoo Messenger Changes

The Old Fem Dom Can Feel The Love

The Old Fem Dom Feels The Love.

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Sexy Gents and Mature Conversations

Have you ever called a phone sex line in search of mature conversations? If so – I’m your MILF.  I can’t tell you how many things I’ve learned from many of you sexy Gents!

Intelligent & Mature Conversations

Not Every Phone Sex Call is Hump the Hostess 

Don’t be too surprised – I know how much . . . → Read More: Sexy Gents and Mature Conversations

The Cougar Cock Tease

The Cougar Cock Tease Is In

Used to be when I was a young gal, being called a cock tease was the ultimate insult. Not for me, mind you – I’ve never given away my treasures easily, and even then – being called a cock tease excited me more than annoyed me.  When . . . → Read More: The Cougar Cock Tease

Old? I Remember When Hand Jobs Had Value.

Hand Jobs A Lost Art


There are  MILFs and then there are – old enough to remember when a good hand job, had real value. Back in the day,  the Disco beat had just arrived, and the fashion created a brand new style.  The cars still had muscle and getting your knob . . . → Read More: Old? I Remember When Hand Jobs Had Value.