Pursuing a Mature Mistress

We older women, especially a  mature Mistress, can absolutely see you when you are checking us out, thinking you are being slick looking us up and down at the grocery store or the restaurant.

Wrinkles of a Mature Mistress

mature mistress

I can feel your eyes on my face, nearly counting the crinkles I carry around my eyes, the “laugh lines” I have from a lifetime of roaring howls… snickers and giggles. (If you have not spoken to me on the phone, I, most definitely, am one who thinks many things are hilarious and bust up laughing lots.)

Even as your eyes follow the gentle creases in my face, you avoid my eyes this early on, wanting to make sure I am the woman you would want to pursue as a cub. Your hunger grows for a mature Mistress. The longer you linger on my appearance, the more desire you feel.

A Mature Mistress Knows What You Are Thinking

I feel your view shift to my hands. Do they demonstrate experiences you have yet to imagine? Wiping the tears of our children, decades of holding our lovers’ hands… years and years in the workforce… traversing places that continue unfolding with each of your young footsteps.

Mature Mistress Daphne 1-800-356-6169

Look Into My Eyes

Once you have evaluated us and determined we are, indeed, worthy of your cubby desires, you then… not gaze… but intently stare into our eyes. Even if I am in another animated conversation, my face flushes feeling your attention… and I, discreetly, look around to see from whence that energy came.

I do find you. Over there.

Our breath syncs and the inhaling/exhaling rhythm becomes the vehicle to our inevitable meeting. You move first, walking towards me, ignoring my friends, stepping up boldly, telling me how beautiful I am. I blush furiously. You take that as a positive sign to move forward.

“May I buy you a drink?”

“I would like that. Very much.”

You think you made the first move.


You turn to go to the bar for a drink to serve to the woman you’re keenly attracted to. How funny, that he thinks he was the one who charmed his way to your side. I smile to myself knowing that in reality, it was I who tempted you, drew you in like willing prey, into a delicious web-ish, world.

Watching you move away, I click the latch on your new training collar.


Admiring Your MILF Mistress

You’ve been watching one the MILF Mistresses for awhile, admiring Her words, maybe even speaking to Her on the phone… where do you go from here?

Express Yourself

Mistresses love hearing from those who are watching, either closely or from afar.

Ideas of how to tell your MILF Mistress you are there, observing Her special gifts of tending to the boys in her midst include:

Any of these examples of expression are welcome and wonderful to receive.


I believe the most wondrous way to show your admiration is your devotion to the MILF Mistress you connect with most, the One who makes you weak in the knees… or drives your cock crazy with desire. Regular contact with Her demonstrates your hunger and your need for guidance as a young acolyte.

Does your Mistress-of-Choice offer ideas of ways to remember Her when you are not on the phone or texting? Does She ask you to do something in particular to think of Her during your day? Perhaps drawing tiny dots on your palm at certain times of the day (one of my favorite things to do)? Or touching yourself thrice at specific times, and later, let Her know you obeyed Her instructions?

Together, you can come up with a myriad of ways to please your MILF Mistress.

She deserves your care and attention. Doesn’t She?

milf mistress

From Slut in Training to Precious Pet

A slut in training knows just where he belongs. Miss Vivian 800-356-6169 Guiding a submissive in training, to his ultimate goal can be a very long journey. The road to the title of precious pet, can be a bumpy one – even for the most eager and willing. It takes a special person to put their ego aside, to serve Mistress – as she directs, not as they wish.

BDSM Lesson 1 for a Submissive in Training

Life is so simple for a submissive in training, when a mature Mistress takes you under her wing. A submissive can make a good 1st impression by remembering – all you have to do is, follow my directions.

I told you it was simple, but in truth – for most men, surrender doesn’t come easy.

The Rest of the Story

A BDSM Trainer can sense and identify quality when it’s presented to her, but it can only move forward, through long and honest conversations. The Fem Dom must decide if she has the patience and endurance to mold another young man into a fitting servant for a serious Mistress.

Most men that call professing undying devotion and desire to be mine – sadly can’t hang for the long haul. They may be a delightful amusement and try their best to prove themselves a good catch, but I can tell when it’s better to catch and release.

A Year to Remember

As I explained, the road to bliss can be miles and miles of perfectly banked highways one moment, then in an instant stuck in a ditch. No fatalities, just a wrong turn that caused some dings and scratches that can be fixed.

It took a full year to adjust his perceptions and earn his place at my feet. He continues to grow and learn what it takes to be a real man, who is happy, respectful and ready to serve the superior sex.

I think I’ll keep this one until he falls head over heels for a hottie that understands his true nature and can use that knowledge to use him like the cheeky slut I made him into.


♥ Keep up the good work my pet, my sexy little mower monkey 

A MILF & Her Virgin Cub

It’s just delicious being a MILF sometimes. Younger men treat me really well, even those who don’t identify as submissives love to serve me my iced tea (unsweetened with lots of ice) and rub my feet when they’re tired.

Virgin Cubs

There are many avenues to being a MILF cub… memories of your mom’s best friend watching you do chores in your bathing suit, having to stay after class and wash your teacher’s blackboard or even falling for an older movie star.

But there is a specific type of cub that I love to devour: The Virgin.


You boys who have yet to have sex with a woman are the cutest things going. You sit at my feet, eyes wide, mouth hanging open with desire… for knowledge as well as sex. Even you older cubs are the sweetest… eager doesn’t begin to describe your hunger for sex education information.

And I deliver all of that.

PLEASE NOTE: I want to applaud you guys who are still virgins. Whether you are 18 or 28 or 38 or 48 or or or, your waiting should be applauded, not made fun of. For whatever reason you remain chaste in body (religion, shyness, embarrassment, lack of opportunity, etc.), it is perfectly fine. Do not ever let anyone tease you for your virginity. Here is one MILF Mistress who thinks you are great.

Show & Tell

From teaching you how to kiss a clitoris like a lesbian to learning to use your fingers for penetration (especially for those times your cock is locked up); I take the time to educate you.

Then you will show me what you learned.

Servicing your Mistress, especially your MILF Mistress, is an amazing honor. Demonstrating your newly learnt skills while she… I… offer gentle pointers for improvement elevates you tremendously in our esteem.

Moving to Real Life

Dear virgin boys, I know you are nervous. I mean, most of your friends had sex in their late teens, and here you are in your 20’s (30’s 40’s 50’s etc.) still never having touched a woman in real life.

One of the things I do as a MILF Mistress is help you overcome your nervousness, role playing ways to talk to the woman, touch her, kiss her… and beyond. Nothing brings me more joy than having one of my cubs come back and tell me about his first sexual experience.

Will you be one of those cubs that comes to his MILF Mistress with a glowing report?

I sure hope so!

Two MILFs In a Pod

MILF Mistress Welcomes Dirty Daphne

Two MILFs Are Better Than One

It has been some time since there were two MILFs here on YMM, so I lured in one of my favorite kinky gals, Ms Daphne. Oh she’s a dirty girl she is, and just what we have needed over here – a super, duper, uber – cougar.

Two MILFs Double the Fun

We have discovered we have many experiences in common, and we both adore sexy, younger men to direct and use. Daphne and I have done several 2 Mistress calls, and from the very 1st one, it was pretty clear, we are like 2 peas in a pod.

Naturally, there are differences too .. I really shouldn’t tell those naughty secrets on a blog. No, no boys, you will have to arrange a double dose of MILF, and see what two, wild and kinky Fem Doms can do with a horny and needy man-slut. However there is one wonderful difference – and I know my guys are going to appreciate it.

Daphne Does The Dirty

Oh my guys! For years you’ve been begging for your Miss Vivian to suck your man-meat, and for years I’ve said – Are you Nuts? Well MY answer will always be the same .. but my new wing-gal can’t get enough of your cum … and Adores sucking a nice fat dick!

OMG! Pull me up a chair and butter the popcorn; I can’t wait for the privilege of directing some oral sex action with Daphne and one of her own subbies. Let’s finish up Masturbation May, with special session. You on Skype, trembling, Miss D tormenting your cock, and me – jerkin’ that gherkin’ for all it’s worth.

E-mail us to arrange your next Two MILF Mistress session .. it’s double the fun – but not double the price

Vivian or Daphne @ EnchantrixEmpire.com

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5 Things That Will Annoy Mistress

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