Mature MILFs Like Ms. Piper Know What They Want: To Own You

Do you know what this mature MILF Femdom Mistress wants?

You Belong To ME!

As a mature MILF femdom Mistress, I hear it all the time: women like me know what they want.

And this is true. I do know what I want. I do wonder, though, whether YOU know what I want. If you did, I doubt you’d be so casual in your approach with me.

See, a MILF femdom wants more than a quick little thrill. At this stage of my life, thrilling men are a dime a dozen. I’ve outgrown simple thrills long ago.

I want more than a little romp. I want to thoroughly possess and establish ownership of you and, especially, your cock.

Don’t worry. Giving up control to a woman like me is hardly a painful process (most of the time). There are great benefits in handing over the keys to your kingdom to a MILF like me. For one, you won’t have to decide whether and when you cum anymore, because I’ll be calling the shots from now on.

Controlling your orgasm makes you a better boy. You’re more docile and much more obedient when you’re not constantly whacking off.

Isn’t it getting boring, the little gasp-gasp-stroke-stroke-squirt-squirt routine? I think you’ll agree that it is. Don’t you want something more fulfilling by now?

A MILF Mistress like me can make every orgasm you have an event, a memory that’s so much more special than the wadded-up tissues in your trash can.

Orgasm delay and orgasm at my discretion means that your pleasure becomes rewired. Knowing you’ve pleased me will become your #1 goal in life. My approval will bring you a fulfillment, a feeling of completion. When’s the last time your fist gave you that?

It’s time to make your first call to MILF Mistress Piper and begin learning what being a man is all about. I promise you will not regret it!


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MILF Fantasy: Your Sexy Older Neighbor

In this MILF fantasy, Ms. Alexis is your sexy older neighbor.I’m sure you remember it rather well. You had quite the crush on her back in the day. She may have been an older woman, but she knew how to carry herself well enough to send you running to the basement for a quick hand job. I’m talking about the sexy MILF next door. Now it’s all starting to make sense. I bet you had forgotten about her until I brought it up.

Fantasizing About Older Women

There’s always those small pangs of regret. Maybe that’s why you’ve done your best to put her out of your mind. You had always sensed that she might have been coming onto you, but you never had the guts to push back. So now, you get to ask the question: what if? What if she did look as good underneath those clothes as you had imagined? What if she was as kinky as you had hoped? What if, what if, what if?

No need to be ashamed. There are countless young men out there who dream of being dominated by a MILF in your world. You weren’t the first, and you certainly won’t be the last. The time for you to act on your desires may be gone, but the MILF fantasy will always be alive for you. All you have to do is close your eyes and think back.

Remember the way she wore her hair. What it free-flowing or perfectly pinned at all times? Did she have the body of a twenty year old? I bet the way she wore those short shorts in the garden was enough to make you melt. It didn’t help that she was in the doggy position just working away. Those weeds didn’t stand a chance and neither did you.

MILFs Have Fantasies Too

You wanted her bad, but the truth is she probably fantasized about you too. You were the young stud across the street that she was eager to teach. You had so much to learn, and she certainly didn’t mind being the woman in charge. She would have been dominant but sensual in her approach. Regardless of her style you would have obeyed her every command. You would have happily been her sex slave Anything for just a glimpse of her naked body, a taste of her sex.

Have I said too much? I bet you’re scurrying off to the basement for that handy now. *wink*


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Sexy MILFs Range From 18 to 80


MILF Mistress Vivian 1-800-356-6169

What’s Your Pleasure Young or Mature MILFs?

When I say Sexy MILFs, what comes to your mind, youth or experience? MILFs aren’t always mature and experienced, they can also be as young as springtime. A fine example is the lovely Helen Mirren, pictured here in 1969!

Do sexy MILFs have to be older? Not always.

Many of the gents I speak to always request an older Erotic Entertainer. What I have found most interesting is that the callers’ ages range from 18 to 80, also. Young men seem to be searching for both the guidance of a maternal woman and someone he can show off his youth to.

Sexy MILFs at a Mature Age

The Dame @ 64

When older men call for a Mature MILF, he knows he will be speaking to a contemporary, someone closer to his age. He is looking for the person he can confide in and who shares a common history. More than likely, he’s always dated women older than himself.

Grow older gracefully.

One of my favorite quotes about aging is,  “Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.”
In just two sentences, Robert Browning imparts the excitement of a relationship when one grows older.

I can’t think of another woman who is the very picture of growing older gracefully than Dame Helen Mirren.  She is full of life, in demand on both sides of the pond, and exceptionally beautiful. I can only imagine what a Ladies’ Lunch with her would be like.

What about you, dear readers? Youth or Experience?  Go on and take the POLL!


Guiding Mature Cross-dressers in Search of Style

Mature Cross-dressers & MILF Mistress Vivian 1-800-356-6169

Mature Cross-dressers Just Want to Have Fun

Mature Cross-dressers might think that as they get older, it is more difficult to present themselves as a beautiful woman. I have to disagree, those who have been dressing for decades, might just need a new perspective of what looks the best on a changing body. There comes a time in every gal’s life, she has to step back – further from the mirror, and see the whole picture.

Mature Cross-dressers What is in Your Closet?

If yours is anything like mine, you can see the passage of time throughout my wardrobe. The years I had to dress for sales, simple and classic, but now the hem looks a few inches too short. You’d see several skirts and blouses from the 70’s, when I went through my gypsy phase, and of course a few pair of well-worn bell-bottoms.

Yes, everything still fits, with few exceptions – but that doesn’t mean I should wear them, unless it’s a Disco retro party. Sure it’s been said, that everything old, is new again – but that doesn’t include my more mature body. One must adjust, if one wants to fit in. Would you agree?

Just One of The Girls

It is such a delight when I get to connect with a cross-dressing male, who is near my age and in need of advice. I’ve had to change styles to fit the worlds I’ve worked in, and my closet has everything from pretty cocktail dresses, to leather corsets.

What I have learned from the years of speaking with every type of cross dresser, is at some age, they would just like to meld in, and be just one of the girls. For the mature ladies, that might mean putting aside the sissy slut wear for a kinky weekend party, and take a harder look at your casual pieces.

Tossing Out the Glitter

Presenting yourself as your genuine age, could also mean it is time to go through your cosmetics too. Using frosted make-up, heavy black eye-liner or too bright blush, will only add years to your pretty face – when at our age, less really is more.

Have you been searching for an older Fem Dom who understand how to grow old gracefully? Would you like an honest assessment of your clothing style, or tips on cosmetic choices and application? Your MILF Mistress Vivian is here to be your fashion guide and sexy confidant.

Not Just a “MILF,” But an Older Teacher

There are definitely a significant portion of you younger guys who are not into the typical MILF experience, but are really looking for a teacher that is older than you, an experienced woman to guide your way into sexual ecstasy.

What An Older Teacher Offers

older teacher

Are you like the others who knew from a young age that you desired older women? Did you admire a specific older teacher? More than the others described how they felt?

By the time you were older yourself, all your masturbatory fantasies and images became “seeing” these older women as they taught you “lessons” you knew younger women would never be able to share in any skilled way. Is that right?

Oh, how I love being a teacher for younger men like you. It is delicious to talk you through, point by point, how to take care of a woman sexually, how to really court a real life woman.

I especially love sharing the major differences between what real life is like compared to the crazy not-real world of porn. Sure, you might not want your bubble burst, but c’mon, you hunger for us for a reason, right? To teach you right from wrong!

Being a Good Student

How do you please an older teacher Mistress? By being a good student, of course!

I love when my boys take my homework seriously and turn in their assignments on-time and done neatly. Of course, the homework includes watching MILF porn, stroking instructions and telling me the details of their fantasies as they orgasm. Not the typical theme assignment like in college, right?

Come let me teach you, sweet boy. I am quite the older teacher!

Pursuing a Mature Mistress

We older women, especially a  mature Mistress, can absolutely see you when you are checking us out, thinking you are being slick looking us up and down at the grocery store or the restaurant.

Wrinkles of a Mature Mistress

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Admiring Your MILF Mistress

You’ve been watching one the MILF Mistresses for awhile, admiring Her words, maybe even speaking to Her on the phone… where do you go from here?

Express Yourself

Mistresses love hearing from those who are watching, either closely or from afar.

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From Slut in Training to Precious Pet

Guiding a submissive in training, to his ultimate goal can be a very long journey. The road to the title of precious pet, can be a bumpy one – even for the most eager and willing. It takes a special person to put their ego aside, to serve Mistress – as she directs, . . . → Read More: From Slut in Training to Precious Pet

A MILF & Her Virgin Cub

It’s just delicious being a MILF sometimes. Younger men treat me really well, even those who don’t identify as submissives love to serve me my iced tea (unsweetened with lots of ice) and rub my feet when they’re tired.

Virgin Cubs

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Two MILFs In a Pod

Two MILFs Are Better Than One

It has been some time since there were two MILFs here on YMM, so I lured in one of my favorite kinky gals, Ms Daphne. Oh she’s a dirty girl she is, and just what we have needed over here – a super, duper, uber – cougar.

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