MILF Mistress Vivian and Nurse Naughty

Turn Left & Cough

Turn Left & Cough

Remember back dear readers to those times when your imagination wasn’t filtered by years of living, and you could play Cowboys and Indians till the sun went down or the street lamps cam on. Sometimes that’s how I think about our BDSM sex playgrown up games from the young parts of our brains.

One of my favorites, that I still play today is  “Doctor”. Come on, admit it … you played that game too.

Oh it is especially fun when one of my kinky girlfriends comes over to take on the pivotal part of, the sexy – Nurse Naughty. The last element is of course, the patient – usually some unsuspecting male slut that has been sent out on an errand.

The last time we cooked this up, I sent houseboy brucie out to have my car washed, and ordered him to call before returning, and to be ready for anything.

Whilst he scurried about, we set the stage with a hard backed chair and out dated copies of Ducks Unlimited, put our Naughty Nurse  into a too tight white zip up uniform and high white platform sneakers.

I, as Doctor Watson- prepared the exam room, adjusting the stirrups and laying out the tools of the trade, of a Top Anal Specialist. The reception phone rang and the call was put on speaker so I could listen in and see if ole brucie was playing along. Naturally, being one of MINE, you could hear he was excited and stammering, not knowing what he had gotten himself into, and loving it.

It is now, as it was back then – it is the element of surprise, that keeps all kinds of role play, fresh and fun.


The MILF & The Alpha Man

Romancing The MILF

Do Fem Doms Switch?


Good Evening MILF Fans :) It has been way too long since I dropped some love over here on Your MILF Mistress! You know how it goes fellows, `tis the season for all kinds of shiny distractions, and endless errands. Today however, I am not leaving the house – I’d rather jibber jabber with you tasty gents.



Romancing The MILF

I have a special caller, he isn’t the usual kind of fellow, looking for encouraged cock sucking  or guided masturbation. No, this fellow is a true dyed in the wool ALPHA Man – or so he thought. From the 1st session, it was clear to me – he only thought – he knew what he wanted.

His arrogance made it seem like a challenge –  to romance and woo a MILF Fem Dom, until she is overcome with his charms, and submits to his Control


Truth be told, this Gent is just the kind of man I like to date. Well-groomed, charismatic and stupidly rich.  All that adds up to a man with Power, power that he likes to throw around and intimidate. I played along, being flirtatious, laughing at his jokes and hanging on his every word. What could be more fun than Sensual Domination, played by the perfect girlfriend?

He fetched, then helped me on with my coat, whisking me off to corner table at his favorite spot – where they all fawned over him, like the prodigal son – come home from the wars.

The waiter handed me a menu and after taking our cocktail order, I began to peruse my choices – and noticed something I hadn’t seen  in decades.  Indeed he was doing his best to impress, my menu had no prices. I smiled and handed my menu to him, suggesting he order for the both of us.

Turning The Tables on The Man

It was a wonder dinner – except for the appetizer. It was a test I knew, that plate of escargot – but it takes more than some garlic covered snails, to push me off my game.  I ate every rubbery lil creatures with a smile on my face, and just for effect – snagged one of his.

Whispering and running my hands over his thighs – he shivered and truly believed I was under his Control. His throbbing cock, would be his undoing.  Sitting close to him in the back seat of the limo – he began kissing my neck, and sliding his hands up my legs.

You know you want me he said, and I giggled and pulled my panties off.  I agreed that I did want him, but there was a catch to get to my sweet pussy. I told him to open his mouth and close his eyes, Mistress Vivian had a surprise.  Without another word, I wadded up my panties and stuffed them in his pie hole.

Now let’s go back to my place darlin’ and see if we can’t beat some of the Alpha out of you.


Why Ms Delia Loves Being a Cougar

Cougar Mistress Delia

Cougar Mistress Delia

I love being a cougar, and I think to be one, a woman must have a certain look, the right attitude, and plenty of sexual confidence. Those three characteristics are essential for the hot and sexy cougar woman! Really being a cougar IS all the rage now! We even had a TV show. Sexy, hot, independent women have it all going on!

Delia Has the Right Cougar Look

In getting my look, I do not ever try to look younger than I am! I know my assets and I showcase them! I wear classy and classic clothes and shoes. I accessorize with quality, and that shows. Every little detail speaks for itself.

I also work on my body daily. Sure it is great for health, but sex appeal is another amazing benefit! I run, and cross train with weights, and I just started a hot yoga program. Keeping long, lean, and flexible really help me rock my sexy look. I am the whole package!

Delia Has That Cougar Attitude

I am confident and independent personally, professionally, and sexually. I have my friends in book club, running, and even in kink. I know who I am and what I like!

I love meeting younger men who understand that I will be different, not clingy or needy, but my own woman. I think this makes me even sexier!

Delia Exudes Cougar Sexual Confidence

What makes me different from a 20-something stud is that I have had the boring sex (about 20 years ago!) that he is having now with his 20-something fuck buddies. I most certainly can teach a younger man a thing or two (and much more) in the bedroom! I have moves and initiative. I speak my mind, and let a man know what I want.

Being a cougar is like a super power to me! Beg for Mistress Delia and see all I have to show you!


Do You Need an Older and Wiser Fem Dom?

Mature Mistress Vivian 1-800-356-6169

Real World Advice


Hey there, fellas.  Seeking that special someone?  The person who will listen to your darkest fears and brightest joys?  That woman who will brighten your path in life with her warm words as you walk along?  Want that wonderful, one-of-a-kind experience that you can only get with the right sort of lady? 

An Older and Wiser Woman 

Well then, you have certainly come to the right place. Your MILF MistressI care about each and every single one of you who call me.  I know that I am not simply providing a small service, but helping fulfill your deepest needs.  And in doing so, I’m also fulfilling some of my own because I just don’t feel right without having a gentleman or two in my life who are in need of guidance from yours truly.

When Wisdom Is Needed

I’m here to revel in your accomplishments with you, and to scold you when you fall out of line.  I just want to help keep you on the right track, towards a happy life.  Sometimes that requires a gentler hand and sometimes a firmer one.  But either way, you can be sure that you’ll get the sort of direction that you need.  After all, who better to give you advice and keep your spirits up than a MILF with plenty of life experience?

Nervous? A MILF Mistress Knows How to Put You at Ease

Don’t feel anxious about whether you should talk or not.  Don’t worry about your fears and doubts.  Don’t worry about anything.  You can confess it all to me, and then I’ll decide what we should do with it…together.  That’s the best way to handle anything, in my book.  Two heads are always better than one. 

What’s your pleasure? Orgasm control, guided masturbation, cuckold fantasies or just friendly conversation? Those and many other sexy services can be yours in your next phone sex session

I look forward to talking with you soon.


Why Choose a MILF For Your Next Erotic Phone Sex Session?

Mature Mistress Vivian 800-601-6975

Put Your Cock Into The Hands of a Mature Fem Dom

Hello there, Gents! What a Beautiful Day it is in TEXAS! So pretty that I snuck away for a few early morning hours at The Big Red, watching the birdies gathered at the river, fighting for what little water is left in the dry tributary. Poor things!

The MILF Experience

It’s fairly common knowledge that older women make wonderful lovers.  It only makes sense, after all.  With age and experience come wisdom and quite a bit of skill.  That’s one reason why MILF Mistresses like myself are in such demand these days…not that I mind at all.

Mature Women – More Than Just a Superior Lover

Lots of men come to women like me in hopes of not only having the time of their lives but also to learn new things from us.  I don’t have a problem with that, either.  I consider it my duty to the world to pass on some of my sexual knowledge to men.  That way, when younger women end up with these men who have learned some things from me, those younger women are not disappointed.  I’d never want a fellow woman to have to suffer through bad lovemaking if there’s anything at all I can do to prevent it.  Female solidarity and all that!

Do Your Due Diligence & Pay Attention to the Foreplay

But there’s something else I’d like to point out to you gentlemen who are in need of a MILF lover.  You shouldn’t just pay attention during the foreplay and the sex part.  You should also pay attention afterwards as well.  Your dick doesn’t have to be hard in order for you to learn something from me!

You should never simply roll over and fall asleep after lovemaking, content that you’ve done your part.  The pillow talk aspect should never, ever be neglected.  You never know what you might learn then.  It could be something as simple as praise for your technique or something as complex as a new perspective on current events or some such.  Regardless, any time that you spend with your favorite phone sex MILF is time in which you could be broadening your horizons, so don’t let that pass you by.

MILF Mistress Vivian the Empress of Happy Endings

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Body Modification on The Magic Bus Last Night

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Big Dick or Puny Penis Old Miss Viv Loves Them All

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