The Mistresses Give Once Again

Greetings MILF Lovers! ! After a weekend of sunshine and rain, it’s clear that in Texas, Spring is here to stay! I think all this loveliness has our Head Mistress in the throes Spring Fever, because there’s a Phonesex special for not just our regular fans, but this one is also offered to those of you that have never called.

Hard to believe that there’s anyone on the planet that hasn’t called the best Erotic Telephone Entertainment – Ever ! So from NOW until Monday morning at 5 AM every call that is 20+ minutes will receive  10 minutes -on us! It can be used on that call – or you can save it at a later date!

I’ll be rockin’ with the Night Owl’s tonight, so feel free to message me on Yahoo or Skype – I’d love to hear from YOU.




Big Dick or Puny Penis Old Miss Viv Loves Them All

Good Morning MILF Mavens! Its funny sometimes, what pops into my mind when I first wake up. Because I never remember my dreams, I can only assume that last night I was dreaming about yesterday’s video cam session, and the wee willie presented for my amusement.

You’d think I’d dream about Mega Man Meat I get to watch on cam – like Tasty Boi’s sizable schlong, all hard and dripping and on the edge. Shouldn’t a visit to Dream Land include my frequent flyer with his fist pounding his flared cock, I named Cobra – instead of some pitiful and puny pud ?

Meat Popsicle - Sausage - Tiny Tool - Bologna Pony - Love Muscle

No matter what you call it, I want to see it. Yes, even you small dicked guys can be fun to watch, jerking your junk like a horny `ho and begging to dump your batch. This old gal is ALL about the Money Shot. Velocity, distance, volume, accuracy, and eagerness to gobble up the goo matter more to me, than what prick you are packin’.

Long Dong  or  Little Chubby?

Because you all seem to be So Focused on penis size, I went digging for information. You know your Miss Viv LOVES to ferrett out those nuggets of information that have alluded you. As always, my first stop for good information on anything medical is Net Doctor.

  • The flaccid state of your penis is just 3-4 inches, from base to tip.
  • Foot size, height, race or any other physical attributes don’t relate to penis size.

Here’s a few fun facts from Masters and Johnson about the cock at rest:

  • The largest organ was 14 cm (5.5 inches) in the flaccid state. It belonged to a slim man who was 5′ 7″ tall (170 cm).
  • The smallest penis measured 6cm (2.25 inches). It belonged to a fairly heavily built man of 5′ 11″ (180cm).

What about when it’s standing proud?

  • The man whose non-erect penis is smallish will usually achieve about a 100 per cent increase in length during sexual excitement.
  • The man whose non-erect penis is on the largish size will probably manage about a 75 per cent increase.

This means the great majority of penises measure between 15cm and 18cm (6-7 inches) when erect, with the average figure being about 16.5cm (6.5 inches).

See? Maybe your johnson isn’t as miniscule as you thought!

Ever wonder what the biggest dong on record measures?

  • The largest medically verified penis on record is 13.5 inches long and 6.25 inches around, documented in the early twentieth century by Dr. Robert L. Dickinson.

I don’t know about you, but they sure look bigger on porn stars!

So no matter what size you are, remember that this MILF Fem Dom will enjoy watching you jerk- off your prick, as you are guided to the best, most fulfilling orgasam of your weekend.


Don’t forget to wish The Scarlet Mistress a Happy 4th Anniversary!

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The MILFs in Hibernation


Crawl to Mistress


Good afternoon MILF Lovers! It has been one hell of a start to 2014. Both Sloane and I have been snowed on, snowed in and hibernating between ISP issues! I started to wonder last week – when another wave of the crud hit both households - if it was possible we were sharing it back and forth, though IMs. When my wing gal popped her blonde head up from the cave she’s been bunkered into the past month, I thought – oh crap, when was the last time I posted here.

Drop Your Draws & Beg for More

No post since January? Dang Ima Baaad gal!  I’ll have to choose one of you to give a good thrashing to! May I see a show of hands for volunteers please. I’m sure there’s a few out there who would eagerly drop their draws and beg for more. Tell us oh brave ones – which implement gets your cocks twitching? Personally, I prefer hard, short tools when eking out Punishment. There’s an exacting kind of whack you can rain down on a quivering bottom’s buttocks, when using a wooden spoon or crop. Even a cane, chucked up to the center can wield a mighty and scrupulous impression on the naughtiest of submissives.

When Spanking is Just for FUN

I hope you know that you don’t have to be BAD to get put over Miss Viv’s lap. Oh no! Smart fellows know, that all it takes for that kind of loving attention, all you have to do is beg, entreat, or just spoil your adored MILFs. Crawling to my feet with puppy dog eyes and a crop in your teeth is bound to get you noticed. Maybe a post-it-note stuck to her mirror with words of adoration could get you want you so desire. Small things, done with care – is a sure way to the heart of a MILF.

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The MILF Lovers’ Votes Have Been Tabulated

I was going to record this snippet of conversation between Sloane and me - but my tenor voice has gone all basso profundo, and it needs some rest.


We were on Skype tying up loose ends, getting our ducks in a row for the launch of our first 2 Mistress Call promotion, and the conversation went like this:

Me: The poll is closed! Time to announce the results – and hit the hay. You have a copy of report?

 Sloane: Drum roll please {add Wipeout drum solo}.  And the winner of the world’s biggest cock is..  

Oy! See how she messes with me? I know that if I rise to the bait - we will both be riding the midnight train to Goofyville. I hold fast, give my notes a good shuffle, shoot her one of THOSE looks and do my best to stay on track.

 Me: I guess I’ll have to read the report, myself – if we are ever going to call it a done day. The decision is in and the winner of the world’s smallest cock is .. 

Dang that Sloane! She got me. She got me good and got me laughing so hard, that I knocked my coffee cup off my desk and made a snap decision.

Screw it! We don’t need no stinkin’ reports! We’ll just do both, and call it .. 

Pick Your Pleasure

 Will it be?

 A 30 minute session - billed as 20


Snag an invite to Mingling w/ MILFs

Held in a dark & cozy corner of Community Kink @ 3PM on 1/19, your call of 10 minutes or more garners you entrance into our private and kinky world.

 Please note …

Mingling w/ MILFs details and passwords provided via email only





The Voyeur, The Exhibitionist and The Slut


Femdom Sloane and Lifestyle Mistress Vivian



Good afternoon Kinksters! As you can see, I can’t seem to get Sloane off my mind this week.  Could it be that we have put our heads together and thought of a special treat for those of you who adore being used by 2.

I Observe

The man is blindfolded and has no idea of what is about to happen. Yet. Mistress Sloane is ready and waiting for me. Her halter top is straining to contain her luscious 36 D cups and barely manages the job. The tight black leather skirt rustles quietly as she moves about. She’s making sure our stroker, naked except for his boots, doesn’t get a case of the fidgets while she torments him. Sloane has a unique way of cock teasing that never fails to have men squirming. And begging for release. Too bad for this one. He was doomed the minute he walked through the door.

I Listen

Sloane finishes her preparations and turns back to me with a mischievous grin. Shifting in my white leather chair and adjusting my sheer blouse, I have to smile back. We’ve been remiss in not doing this sort of thing far too long. A kinky Femdom and a lifestyle Milf with a voyeur kink playing naked CFNM games with a blindfolded man is so much fun. Game on.

“Is the stroker ready Sloane?”

“Yes Mistress Vivian. We both are.”


I Set the Scene

Sloane is the exhibitionist. She loves sex. Hence the reason I made her the button man to this particular fantasy of mine. She needs no further encouragement. Carefully, she pulls her skirt up to the top of her thighs, showing off her matching garters and sits down lightly in the slut’s lap. She sensually grinds her hips in time to the music and she chuckles softly at his gasp. The poor man is unable to touch Sloane, unable to see her and what she’s doing, but I can and I love it.  The man moans quietly as Sloane gets back up, bends over and touches his lips with her fingers to stifle his moaning. She trails her fingers down to his hard cock and looks in askance at me. “Shall I?” she asks me.

I am the Director

Domination comes in many forms. My name is Mistress Vivian. Her name is Mistress Sloane. Any questions?

We have some.

So Take The POLL





Mingling with MILFs




Good evening sexy peeps! I’m having one of those wonderful days when all the pieces fit perfectly, with very few frustrations. That’s a golden day, for sure. Yesterday wasn’t so shabby either, because I got a welcome surprise when my wing-gal Sloane found her way back to her LDW home.

A Delicious Combination . . . → Read More: Mingling with MILFs


Ms Vivian and 10 Minutes of Free Phone Sex For You- Starting at Midnight



Cum and Party Hard with MILF Mistress Vivian


She’s Celebrating 6 Years of Phone Sex Fun~


Way More Than Wine and Dine…


Starting at Midnight Tonight!



10 minutes of Free Phone Sex with a Lifestyle Mistress

Starting right at the stroke of midnight, Thursday . . . → Read More: Ms Vivian and 10 Minutes of Free Phone Sex For You- Starting at Midnight


Cum Sploshing With Me


Sweet and Sticky is Sploshing


“All hot, sticky and sweet…”

One of my favorite activities and one I don’t indulge in enough. Sploshing. Sploshing is the best of two pleasures in life. Food and sex. Having a food fight, preferably while naked, and…with sex is expected. Doesn’t get much better than . . . → Read More: Cum Sploshing With Me


Why it Tickles ME to Torment YOU


I’m throwing a Tickle Party and You are the Guest of Honor


“You’re at the mercy of my tickle fetish now…”

Yes, I’m perfectly aware that you’re naked and your luscious, inarguably fucktastic hot body is tied spread-eagle to my bed.

Who do you think got you that way?

Silly . . . → Read More: Why it Tickles ME to Torment YOU


Admire My Feet And Get A Treat: The Eat Your Own Cum Game



I’ll Let You Cum IF…



Let’s Play a Game of Footsie


I know you love summer; for all the wonderfully gorgeous manicured feet on display that you might safely admire out in public. And…I know your foot fetish. So why not combine your love of feet and foot . . . → Read More: Admire My Feet And Get A Treat: The Eat Your Own Cum Game