Yahoo Messenger Changes

Good afternoon dear readers!

Yahoo Messenger has released a new version of their chat program, and with it – changes that affect my erotic entertainment business.

The upgraded version includes a redesign of the user interface, and the Preferences configurations have been removed. This means – when your entire Buddy list is automatically added – it will not show, or sort on-line statuses.

You can read about it here

Also, because voice and video services have been discontinued, this new version, makes it obsolete for my work at the LDW Group. For those reasons, starting September 1st, I will be using Skype for all texting, video and P2P voice sessions.

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The Old Fem Dom Can Feel The Love

Devoted to BDSM Fem Dom Vivian

The Old Fem Dom Feels The Love.

Howdy ya’ll have you missed your old Fem Dom?  I sure have missed being around, and if you wondered where I’ve been – I wrote a post on Fem Domain catching up with my readers.  I’m not at 100% yet – but with all the good wishes from callers and Mistresses, has given me quite boost.

Making an Old Fem Dom Feel So Loved!

I’ve received so many lovely notes from my guys, I can’t wait till I’m back chatting and enjoying some sexy socializing. I’m thankful for the sweet tokens of affection, flowers and attention you’ve been so generous with. I’m looking forward to a new month, with less restrictions and more naughty phone sex fun.

What’s on the Back Burner?

Before I went MIA I was working on several projects that I had to put on the back burner. The first is an essay on what a submissive can expect when they are called on to Serve at an important dinner party.  The devil is in the details!

Still in the reserch phase is a multi part piece on the history of the fascinating world of the castrati – both in ancient times and modern.  The second chapter will focus on ways to change your vocal range, that I know our sissy friends will be very interested in.

Thank you again dear readers for all the kind thoughts you’ve sent my way. Don’t see me on for calls? Drop me an e mail – I’d love to set a session up.

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Sexy Gents and Mature Conversations

Have you ever called a phone sex line in search of mature conversations? If so – I’m your MILF.  I can’t tell you how many things I’ve learned from many of you sexy Gents!

MILF Mistress Vivian Enjoys Mature Conversations

Intelligent & Mature Conversations

Not Every Phone Sex Call is Hump the Hostess 

Don’t be too surprised – I know how much you guys love to jerk your cock to the sound of my voice. You adore being instructed how and where to put your hands and encouraged to a rousting orgasm.  I’m with you on that one, when you moan and groan and call my name in passion, however …

Mature Conversations Can Be Very Sexy

Just this week, I had the pleasure of conversing with a East Coast caller who not only brightened up a rainy day, but left me thinking all day about this crazy world and how much it has changed.

Being as old as I am, there aren’t many subjects that if I can’t talk about. Even when it isn’t a topic I am well versed at – I adore learning new things. Over the past 9 years my callers and I have jibber jabbered about avionics, surfing. mechanical engineering and even farming.

A Good Conversation is Priceless

You may the type of phone sex client, whose focus is on his genitals – bless you horny dudes, but perhaps one dark and lonely night – you need more than your cock stimulated.

That’s the perfect time to tell the lovely dispatcher that you need a mature and understanding lady to chat with, and that lady – is me,  MILF Mistress Vivian.

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The Cougar Cock Tease

Cougar Cock Tease

The Cougar Cock Tease Is In

Used to be when I was a young gal, being called a cock tease was the ultimate insult. Not for me, mind you – I’ve never given away my treasures easily, and even then – being called a cock tease, excited me, more than annoyed me.  When a guy tried to pull the old  – you’re giving me blue balls, I just laughed at him.  Little did I know that one day, cracking up about a man’s inadequacies, would be called a skill. Phone sex, is never dull.

You Can’t Get One Over On a Cougar Cock Tease

Cougars, MILFs what ever you choose to call us, we’ve been around too long to be fooled. I can read you like a cheap novel, and know all your little tricks so well, that sometimes you think  I’m physic. But I’m not of course, I just have years of experience playing sex games with men, and winning.

Tease and Delay Is My Way To Play

I adore having you in my clutches, your cock throbbing and dripping, as you whine and beg to cum. Edge and plead all you want, I’m having too much fun to let you blow. Oh don’t you worry – there will be a happy ending, but you just won’t know when – that’s the fun of it.

Tonight would be a perfect time to grab your lube and celebrate the last few days of #Masturbation May with your favorite Cougar, Miss Viv.


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Old? I Remember When Hand Jobs Had Value.

MILF Mistress Vivian Loves Hand Jobs

Hand Jobs A Lost Art


There are  MILFs and then there are – old enough to remember when a good hand job, had real value. Back in the day,  the Disco beat had just arrived, and the fashion created a brand new style.  The cars still had muscle and getting your knob polished – was payment enough, for a fun Friday night date.

Put Your Cock Into The Hands of an Experienced MILF

Go on – lean back into the soft leather and close your eyes. Its a moonless night, the Chevy parked in our favorite lovers’ lane where we can cuddle and pet. You young ones might call it “macking” – but for us – petting was as far as we went. Maybe if the dinner was extra special – you’d let the guy get to 1st base and maul your titties.

Would you like to slip into the back seat of my `74 Cutlass Supreme  and put your dick into the hands of an experienced hand jobber?  Call 1-800-356-6169 – you can pick me up on the corner. Who knows, you may make it to 2nd base.


Kinky Seniors Still Swinging After All These Years

Kinky Seniors Still Swinging After All These years


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MILF Mistress Kay Marie is Ready for a New Lover

MILF Mistress Kay Marie is bored with her current lover

Hi Everyone! Happy MILF Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. Over the past two weeks I have had a little fun myself. See, it’s spring break time. That means, those yummy college guys who don’t hit the beach are home.

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Mature MILF Vivian Plays Catch Up Today

The Mature MILF is RTG!

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The MILF Mistress Vivian Wishes You A Happy New Year

Happy New Year!


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Sexy Auntie Viv Asks. Do The Clothes Really Make The Man?

Sexy Auntie Viv Take You Shopping For A New Suit

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