A Buffed Bitch Comes A Calling

The Buffed Bitch Comes a Calling. How’s that for a title, huh? I hope you didn’t think your MILF Mistress had run for the hills, never to be heard from again! I do have to admit, it has been too long since I’ve sat down to write.
However, that isn’t because there isn’t anything interesting to write about. No, last month was great fun on the phones, just been – cozy and yes, even a little lazy. A hard working ole gal, like myself – deserves a break every decade or so.

Video Cam Sessions – Taking it Up a Notch

I count myself as fortunate; quite a few handsome and interesting men have shown off on Skype for me. One big turn-on for me in a video cam session is the first time, that first peek at my victim – er – client. Even if we already know each other via voice sessions, it is exciting to find out, if the picture I have of you in my mind, comes anywhere near close to the reality.

Adding a Hard Bodied Hunk to the Slut Stable

It never ceases to amaze me, the parade of humankind that has crossed my computer screen. I’ve come to expect surprises; dicks no bigger than my thumb, full-bearded men dressed in their wife’s Sunday best, or a top 10 favorite of mine, the self-sucking slut.

Then there is the once in a blue moon surprise, like hunky LI mikey. Pretty enough to make a jaded MILF’s pussy twitch, his fate was sealed, when he flexed his tight ass. This buffed bitch could fit right in. It would be a tight fit too. 😉

What To Do With a Buffed Bitch?

So impressed with his long fat cock and eager to please attitude, he’s already had the pleasure and privilege of being tag-team Topped. Miss Kelli and I put the slut through his paces, teasing and edging, ordering him to pop his guns, and pose. He was accommodating and pleasing – he made me proud.

How about you? Think you could strut your stuff for a mature Mistress, and make her clap her hands in delight. Give in to your need to please, call 1-800-356-6169 and arrange a Skype session with mistress_vivian.

Every Old Lady Needs a Submissive Pet

Aging Mistresses Need Extra Special Care

Every Old Lady Needs a submissive pet

Last month, I slid quietly into a new phase of my life, and I accept that I am an Old Lady. Many of you will disagree with my choice of words, and I understand – old seems harsh and negative. I suppose you’d have to be a kinky old lady, to know how to use the old lady card, to your advantage

At 62, and despite a few aches and pains of aging, I still enjoy putting the leather to a sexy young man – even if I need a day to recover. 😉 My beloved submissive royboy and I have found all manner of D/s play in our 18 years together, modifying as life demands. There in, lies the issue..

Growing Old Together

We stuffed a lot of living into our early 50’s, melding lifestyle with business, while road tripping across the US and Mexico. It takes planning, packing and stamina to rock those many miles and still work  large events successfully. Sadly, after five years of crazy good times, neither of us had the vigor to keep rolling down the highway.

Our team of two found a new direction, but it hasn’t stopped time from marching on. Yes, it can be frustrating – not having the energy to whip up 4 courses and not break a sweat, or need an 8 hour nap. Hell yes, Mistress gets all nervous, watching her old sub on the roof, trimming trees. Could there be a fix for this problem?

Every Old Lady Needs a Pet

No, I’m not talking about a schnauzer to tote around in my purse – no, this kinky senior citizen needs a submissive pet. A beta boy to push about, twist around my little finger, and generally fuck with. While roy is out at the airfield flying his hand- crafted RC plane, The Dew – my pet will be serving and spoiling and begging for a 4th cummie of the day.

What a wonderful position it would be for a strong and obedient submissive, stepping and fetching for his old Mistress, while the Alpha bottom can hobby to his heart’s content. It would take an all out search to find someone that special who would fit in.

Such is the reality of adding a servant to a BDSM Family, and not a quest possible for this old Fem Dom. Then last year, along came a sexy new slut – sporting a pretty, pretty cock and a need to Serve, care for and spoil a mature phone sex Mistress.

A Toast to My Pet

He was un-jaded, eager to please, and like most young men – hardheaded. With the patience of Job, I have guided him up from phone sex wanker, to my precious pet. My goal for him, and all of you – is happiness. I know his Training will truly payoff when the right young lady comes along. If I could write a note to his future partners, it would say …

A kick in the balls a day … keeps the bad boy at bay.

Listen to – Old Mistresses Need Pets

5 Things That Will Annoy Mistress

Are you a cheeky submissive who gets all mouthy, just to annoy Mistress? Pushing at an envelop, without clue of the outcome. Testing Her patience, and believing in the delusion- that his behavior is endearing.
It’s a probable 12 to 7 he is WRONG.

A Thursday Throwback Presented by MILF Mistress Vivian

This is a Thursday Throwback goes way back, and features one of my favorite YMM MILFs, Sloan. Imaginative and twisted, in both her writings and phonesex sessions. She was a stand-up gal, fun to tag team sluts with, and she is missed by many – but none more than me.

Here’s hoping wherever my favorite wing-gal may be, she is well and happy and controlling a new crop of naughty fellows.

Miss You Sloan!

You dare Annoy Mistress whiles She’s chillin?

Every Wonder What Will Annoy Mistress?

1. Words and phrases such as…”Quiddit!” “Ow!”and “I’m hiding that suction cup dildo when you leave” are not turn ons.

2. Flipping the bird while your hands are cuffed behind you is a superbly bad idea. Milfs do have eyes in the back of their heads you know and I will punish you for your crimes. Creatively and Cruelly.

3. “Bite me” is never an intelligent rebuttal. It will be taken literally. And as you didn’t specify as to where…

4. Showing your twisted sense of humor by yelling “Fire, fire, fire, fire!” during experimentation with candle wax is just rude.

5. Crossing your eyes, sticking your tongue out and making sarcastically obscene gestures behind the Milf’s back really isn’t the wisest plan. Especially whilst your Superiors are discussing what their plans of how you they will use you. It will haunt you.

(Dis)Honorable Mentions
• Neiner- neiner- neiner…
• Duh…
• That will not fit!
• You can’t make me!

If I may add a phrase that only the bravest of submissives would utter..
You hit like a girl!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s YMM Thursday Throwback. Drop a comment or share a memory, we adore hearing from you.

 HUGS! Milf Mistress Vivian 

Will It Be? Sexy – Silly or Something Scary?

What ever will Mistress Wear ?

Will it be Sexy Silly or Scary

Howdy y’all I’m having trouble choosing a costume this year – and can’t decide if it will be sexy, silly or scary. So here I am just 5 days before Halloween and I want something NEW!

Help Your MILF Choose. Sexy Silly or Scary

With no time to shop, I found a site that has DYI ideas and thought I’d toss it out to y’all, and see if any of them says – Vivian. So check out Cosmopolitan’s 28 Amazing DYI Costumes … cheap and easy 😉 like us. To help me out, just drop a comment with the # you would would pick.

Halloween Party Tonight!

Starting at 9 PM Eastern, join Goddess Hannah for a Naughty Realm Halloween radio show. The theme is the roaring 20’s and Miss Hannah has invited you to an out of the way mansion for an evening of debauchery. While there, the Guest of Honor is murdered! Jusztina from the House of Drăculești is found on the floor of her bedroom bloodied and without a pulse.

Tune into Cock Radio and join the live adult chat at Community Kink. Join the discussion on Enchantrix Empire 

Cuckold Emotions and Sex

Navigating The Tricky Currents

Ah…emotions…tricky little bastards, aren’t they? Even more tempestuous than…me! Emotions have got to be the most difficult to put words to and the easiest to identify with, but only after  having personally experiencing them…Cuckolds, such a virtual paradox of  conflicting feelings, because your mind tends to come down to reality with a resounding thud as soon as your spunk is shot.

How Can I Love AND Hate It?

I really didnt expect her to react that way or really enjoy it. What turned me on so much in the fantasy and even the actual physical part of it, disappeared right after I came.  It was my idea  to do this and she didn’t want to, so I have no one to blame but myself.  That’s why I’m surprised and hate that after we did it, I never wanted to do it again. Until two weeks later. I remember every second of it and love and hate the whole part about where it still turns me on. She told me that she is satisfied with me, loves me and will only fuck this bull again if  I ask her to.


The roller coaster of emotions in cuckolding can be difficult to deal with at times. Ultimately, it is you and your partner deciding on which is the stronger of the feelings and work with it.  Put simply, if it keeps you awake at night, and your relationship suffers because after seeing her scream so loud, cum her brains out and act like she never has, about your cock.

Your MILF Mistresses’ New Look

You Found Your MILF


Howdy y’all, your MILF Mistress Vivian here to show off the start of YMM’s redesign. It was time to tidy up and hopefully improve the navigation. Site improvements will be on-going, so comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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College boys and MILFS

college boys and milfs

Many thanks to Guest Blogger Meredith  for a great post about college boys and MILFs.  Miss Viv

So, I was just on vacation and got home. The airport was packed with all these hot studs coming back from the weekend. I live in a college town, so they are . . . → Read More: College boys and MILFS

Cock Suckers Know Older Women Love To Watch

Submit to the Experience of Older Women


When an Older Women Day Dreams

Yup, youse guys! Seems whenever I start daydreaming one of you cock sucking lil man-whores just slip right into my brain. You on your knees at the Glory Hole, sucking anything that gets waved in your face. You, strolling . . . → Read More: Cock Suckers Know Older Women Love To Watch

Meet MILF Mistress Meredith

Mistress Meredith MILF

Hello stud. Does that seem funny? Well, it shouldn’t. I look at you like a younger then me man who is in his sexual prime. you offer things that excite me, things that older men can’t. For instance, I bet you can go the distance. I bet you can last . . . → Read More: Meet MILF Mistress Meredith

Sexy Older Women Are Like Fine Wine

Older Women . Do Handle w/ Care

If you have ever lusted after an older woman, there are a few things you ought to know. Now, I’m not talking about a 20-something MILF, but us gals who have reached the age of free senior coffee.

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