Do Mature Women Float Your Boat?

Mature Miss Vivian

Mature Women Know What To Do With a Slut Like You.


Greetings Lovers of Mature and sexy women!  I was out to lunch with my 20 something girl friends and we got to talking about what men want.  Mind you, I said Men – and not the whimpering losers with dirty ball caps on their heads, that seem to be a plague on the social scene. You know darlings that these lovely young ladies look to me for advice – even though it been decades since I trolled the bar scene.  It is quite different now…

Mature Isn’t A Number 

As my Daddy was fond of saying ….

You can’t catch trout in the Great South Bay.

In other words, if you want a mature man, then sucking down $1 beers where the college kids hang out, isn’t the way. Go where the bankers, lawyers and professors are at Happy Hour, and start flirting.  One doesn’t have to be a senior citizen to be mature, it is all about how a person conducts themselves in public. Even if everyone around you in glued to their EyePhones, a mature lady knows that casual conversation, is how you turly get to know someone – beyond social networks.

Times may change – but a confident and mature young lady – will always have her pick of the fishes.


MILF Miss Viv Spruces Up The Place

Coming Attractions For Your MILF Mistresses

MILF It Does A Body Good

Hello MILF Miss Lovers! You may notice over the next few weeks, some changes here on Your MILF Mistresses. Just a bit of a tidy-up – before we welcome a new Cougar to the blogging team.

I can’t spill the particulars – yet – but keep an eye out here, or Fem Domain for the re-launch date and details of upcoming events.

Anyone in the mood for a Party?


MILF Mistress Vivian




MILF Mistress Vivian Always Sends Her Very Best To Impress

MILF Mistress tries to fill the lonely hours.

Welcome To The Casa de Kinky The home base of MILF Mistress Vivian.

Good Afternoon MILF Lovers! What a weekend! My submissive husband returned Friday from serving our play partners, down in south Texas. Just this morning I received a Thank You note in the mail from the happy couple, praising both his handyman skills, and his sexual stamina.

A MILF Mistress Sends Her Very Best

I will tell you a truth .. no matter how many times I send my submissive to serve outside of the Home, it is an emotional time. Watching him pack for a week away, there is sadness behind my smile – my world is never 100%, without my devoted slut to push around.

You might wonder why I loan out my property, when it is obvious that it pains me when he is gone. In long-term partnerships like ours – which has been a constant for more than a decade – success is only possible because we care for each other, outside of the dungeon.

It is a friendship that has weathered the difficult adjustments of a 4-sided dynamic, because of open negotiations, and a real desire to make it work.

Keeping Loneliness At Bay When The Slut Has Gone Away 

Poor MILF Mistress Vivian, left to wander around this big old house, with no one to step and fetch and indulge my every need. However with my work schedule and Cock Radio obligations, a week away would have screwed up my calendar, well into September.

Even though it was the longest we have ever been apart, my phone sex callers with their kinky proclivities, helped to kept the loneliness at bay – until it was time to slip into my slut-less bed.

Home Again Jiggy Jig 

I was listening for the sound of Big Blue’s mighty Chevy engine pulling up under the portico,  excited emotions were building with each passing minute. Unable to sit still, I stared unseeing out the window  – when a sense of déjà vu washed over me.

It took me backwards, remembering the many times this man had driven half-way across the country, to kneel at his Mistress’ feet. The memories of our long-distance relationship brought tears to my eyes, and filled my heart with joy. The squeal of breaks taking a corner too fast, woke me from my musings, and I rushed to open the door wide, to welcome my weary traveler back Home.

 MILF Mistress Vivian Speaks   Listen & Enjoy! 

Do not doubt that it is true …

Absence does make the heart grow fonder!



MILF Mistress Vivian and Nurse Naughty

Turn Left & Cough

Turn Left & Cough

Remember back dear readers to those times when your imagination wasn’t filtered by years of living, and you could play Cowboys and Indians till the sun went down or the street lamps cam on. Sometimes that’s how I think about our BDSM sex playgrown up games from the young parts of our brains.

One of my favorites, that I still play today is  “Doctor”. Come on, admit it … you played that game too.

Oh it is especially fun when one of my kinky girlfriends comes over to take on the pivotal part of, the sexy – Nurse Naughty. The last element is of course, the patient – usually some unsuspecting male slut that has been sent out on an errand.

The last time we cooked this up, I sent houseboy brucie out to have my car washed, and ordered him to call before returning, and to be ready for anything.

Whilst he scurried about, we set the stage with a hard backed chair and out dated copies of Ducks Unlimited, put our Naughty Nurse  into a too tight white zip up uniform and high white platform sneakers.

I, as Doctor Watson- prepared the exam room, adjusting the stirrups and laying out the tools of the trade, of a Top Anal Specialist. The reception phone rang and the call was put on speaker so I could listen in and see if ole brucie was playing along. Naturally, being one of MINE, you could hear he was excited and stammering, not knowing what he had gotten himself into, and loving it.

It is now, as it was back then – it is the element of surprise, that keeps all kinds of role play, fresh and fun.


The MILF & The Alpha Man

Romancing The MILF

Do Fem Doms Switch?


Good Evening MILF Fans :) It has been way too long since I dropped some love over here on Your MILF Mistress! You know how it goes fellows, `tis the season for all kinds of shiny distractions, and endless errands. Today however, I am not leaving the house – I’d rather jibber jabber with you tasty gents.



Romancing The MILF

I have a special caller, he isn’t the usual kind of fellow, looking for encouraged cock sucking  or guided masturbation. No, this fellow is a true dyed in the wool ALPHA Man – or so he thought. From the 1st session, it was clear to me – he only thought – he knew what he wanted.

His arrogance made it seem like a challenge –  to romance and woo a MILF Fem Dom, until she is overcome with his charms, and submits to his Control


Truth be told, this Gent is just the kind of man I like to date. Well-groomed, charismatic and stupidly rich.  All that adds up to a man with Power, power that he likes to throw around and intimidate. I played along, being flirtatious, laughing at his jokes and hanging on his every word. What could be more fun than Sensual Domination, played by the perfect girlfriend?

He fetched, then helped me on with my coat, whisking me off to corner table at his favorite spot – where they all fawned over him, like the prodigal son – come home from the wars.

The waiter handed me a menu and after taking our cocktail order, I began to peruse my choices – and noticed something I hadn’t seen  in decades.  Indeed he was doing his best to impress, my menu had no prices. I smiled and handed my menu to him, suggesting he order for the both of us.

Turning The Tables on The Man

It was a wonder dinner – except for the appetizer. It was a test I knew, that plate of escargot – but it takes more than some garlic covered snails, to push me off my game.  I ate every rubbery lil creatures with a smile on my face, and just for effect – snagged one of his.

Whispering and running my hands over his thighs – he shivered and truly believed I was under his Control. His throbbing cock, would be his undoing.  Sitting close to him in the back seat of the limo – he began kissing my neck, and sliding his hands up my legs.

You know you want me he said, and I giggled and pulled my panties off.  I agreed that I did want him, but there was a catch to get to my sweet pussy. I told him to open his mouth and close his eyes, Mistress Vivian had a surprise.  Without another word, I wadded up my panties and stuffed them in his pie hole.

Now let’s go back to my place darlin’ and see if we can’t beat some of the Alpha out of you.


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