A Mature Woman Knows the Importance of the Right Shoe

Hello there, boys and sissy girls! I feel the winter creeping in; the cool, crisp air; the warm clothes that, unlike winter clothes, that can get bulky and cumbersome to wear. It’s a great time of year- even if the chill reminds me of my advancing years and an old dance injury.

Swapping Shoes for the Season

I  do love so many things about the fall and this week The Helper put my closet to rights and moved all my strappy sandles and open-toed shoes up to the top shelf of the closet, and brough down all the cute ankle and knee-high boots – along with my suede pumps and wedges.

All us girls know that Shoes can make or break an outfit, and choosing the right ones to wear at the appropriate time is essential. That’s why I mentioned those sexy knee-high boots. It’s nearly impossible to go wrong when you pair them with a sharp fall outfit.

They don’t even have to be those slutty black patent leather pumps with six-inch heels. You can just go for a nice pair of riding boots with nothing but a walking heel. Much more comfortable, in my opinion, and a lot more practical for a pair of skinny jeans. Just tuck them tight-tight into your boots, and you’re looking like one hot little sissy `ho.

Is The Slut Look Right For You?

Of course, if you do want the tramptlook, you should definitely go for the mini-skirt and the hooker boots. Who am I to stop you? I like seeing slutty sissies, after all. Be warned, though, that your MILF Mistress might just decide that if you’re going to dress like a slut, you might need to be treated like one, too.

Now that you’ve heard my opinion about the best fall accessory, I’d like to hear yours. What fashion accessory can’t you do without this season?


MILF Mistress Vivian  ♥  Let The Decadence Begin

Lifestyle Mistress Vivian celebrating 10 years of Phone Sex Decadence

Release The Krakens The Decadence Begins!

Tomorrow, Wednesday November 2nd –  the decadence begins!  It marks the beginning of my 10th Anniversary month at LDW. Not only am I celebrating a decade at The Home Miss Ally built,  this year also breaks a personal record for the number of years I’ve been settled in one place.
10 years is an incredible milestone, one that couldn’t have happened without the 100’s of horny dudes & dudettes – who call and ask for Vivian.

A Decade of Phone Sex Decadence

Don’t you agree that such an auspicious anniversary is deserving of some token of appreciation?

I do, and I call it.. Take 5

That’s 5 Free minutes to flirt, recite, adore, sing – or even crank out a quickie on your lunch hour. 5 minutes might not be enough for a sexy man like yourself. Not to worry darlin’ – I encourage you to request a longer session, or leave the call open. This 1st week in November, it’s up to you.

Are You an LDW Virgin?

First time callers are verified through their valid CC or Debit card. The account is verified by a  $1 charge that is returned within 5 business days. Privacy policies, users terms and conditions and everything else you might need to know about the LDW Group are linked at the Cock Control website.

If you don’t have the time to wander around and get lost reading some of the 100+ sites and you have any questions, stop over and say howdy to our Adorable Help Desk Mistresses, Cassidy and Molly. They are the Keepers of the Knowledge and nearly impossible to stump. I know, I’ve tried!

If you are a social kind of 18 + surfer, you will want to visit our kinky adult net work, Enchantrix Empire. Our pan-sexual membership is 4,500 strong and still growing. Go on – peek in, and if you like what you see – Register, it’s fast & Free. You are welcome to add me, Vivian Watson, and say hello.  ♥   ♥      For a personal touch  ♥   ♥  

Choose a day from the schedule & enjoy Miss Cecilia’s grand tour of the LDW sites 

November 2016 Weekly Schedule 

Will It Be? Sexy – Silly or Something Scary?

What ever will Mistress Wear ?

Will it be Sexy Silly or Scary

Howdy y’all I’m having trouble choosing a costume this year – and can’t decide if it will be sexy, silly or scary. So here I am just 5 days before Halloween and I want something NEW!

Help Your MILF Choose. Sexy Silly or Scary

With no time to shop, I found a site that has DYI ideas and thought I’d toss it out to y’all, and see if any of them says – Vivian. So check out Cosmopolitan’s 28 Amazing DYI Costumes … cheap and easy 😉 like us. To help me out, just drop a comment with the # you would would pick.

Halloween Party Tonight!

Starting at 9 PM Eastern, join Goddess Hannah for a Naughty Realm Halloween radio show. The theme is the roaring 20’s and Miss Hannah has invited you to an out of the way mansion for an evening of debauchery. While there the Guest of Honor is murdered! Jusztina from the House of Drăculești is found on the floor of her bedroom bloodied and without a pulse.

Tune into Cock Radio and join the live adult chat at Community Kink. Join the discussion on Enchantrix Empire 

Cuckold Emotions and Sex

Navigating The Tricky Currents

Ah…emotions…tricky little bastards, aren’t they? Even more tempestous than…me! Emotions have got to be the most difficult to put words to and the easiest to identify with, but only after  having personally experiencing them…Cuckolds, such a virtual paradox of  conflicting feelings,because your mind tends to come down to reality with a resounding thud as soon as your spunk is shot.

How Can I Love AND Hate It?

I really didnt expect her to react that way or really enjoy it. What turned me on so much in the fantasy and even the actual physical part of it, disappeared right after I came.  It was my idea  to do this and she didn’t want to, so I have no one to blame but myself.  That’s why I’m surprised and hate that after we did it, I never wanted to do it again. Until two weeks later. I remember every second of it and love and hate the whole part about where it still turns me on. She told me that she is satisfied with me, loves me and will only fuck this bull again if  I ask her to.


The roller coaster of emotions in cuckolding can be difficult to deal with at times. Ultimately, it is you and your partner deciding on  which is the stronger of the feelings and work with it.  Put simply, if it keeps you awake at night, and your relationship suffers because after seeing her scream so loud, cum her brains out and act like she never has, about your cock.

Your MILF Mistresses’ New Look

Do you adore your milf?

You Found Your MILF


Howdy y’all, your MILF Mistress Vivian here to show off the start of YMM’s redesign. It was time to tidy up and hopefully improve the navigation. Site improvements will be on-going, so comments and suggestions are appreciated.

I’d like to thank our always-supportive Miss Cassidy from HelpMyCock for the pretty banner, and fast turnaround time. YMM is pleased to have MILF Meredith from The Sexy Truth, here as a regular contributor.

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What Attracts You to Your MILF Mistress?

We always seem to know exactly what makes your cocks perk up. That’s extremely attractive to every man. but what I want to know is … what specifically makes you crazy lusty for a mature Woman? Maybe that’s a rhetorical question; callers have been confessing their darkest and nastiest proclivities to me, for nearly 10 years.

Her age? Too subjective – MILFs – Cougars – GILFs – can range in years, anywhere from 18 to 80. Personally, I’m delighted that my senior status is so popular with young men these days. They unwittingly keep this old gal lively and damp.

The Nitty-gritty

If we factor out age, we can get down to the nitty-gritty and share some of the tidbits you fellows feed me, when your throbbing cocks are dripping and your brain is in a fog. No matter if a MILF lover is an A-type or submissive slut, there are a few consistencies in both.

Men of all ages appreciate our intelligence and confidence. They seek out women with a controlling nature, and who are powerful enough to keep him on his knees, begging to please.

We know how to dress with style, dance with grace and able to carry on a conversation with anyone from a pauper. When she mingles and works the room, she is sure that – a small single gesture will have you at her side in an instance. Her control over you, turns you weak and wanting more.

After The Ball Is Over

I know what it means in your world to have a stunning and accomplished woman on your arm. Just walking into the room, you gain reputation, admiration and a something called stroke.

If they only knew what would transpire the moment we were alone. They would be chartreuse with envy.

College boys and MILFS

college boys and milfs

Many thanks to Guest Blogger Meredith  for a great post about college boys and MILFs.  Miss Viv

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Cock Suckers Know Older Women Love To Watch

Submit to the Experience of Older Women


When an Older Women Day Dreams

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Meet MILF Mistress Meredith

Mistress Meredith MILF

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Sexy Older Women Are Like Fine Wine

Older Women . Do Handle w/ Care

If you have ever lusted after an older woman, there are a few things you ought to know. Now, I’m not talking about a 20-something MILF, but us gals who have reached the age of free senior coffee.

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Yahoo Messenger Changes

Good afternoon dear readers!

Yahoo Messenger has released a new version of their chat program, and with it – changes that affect my erotic entertainment business.

The upgraded version includes a redesign of the user interface, and the Preferences configurations have been removed. This means – when your entire Buddy list is automatically added . . . → Read More: Yahoo Messenger Changes

The Old Fem Dom Can Feel The Love

The Old Fem Dom Feels The Love.

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