Kinky Seniors Still Swinging After All These Years

MILF Mistress Vivian Kinky Senior

Kinky Seniors Still Swinging After All These years


Hello lovers of kinky seniors! Kinky as in naughty – not how my body feels after a weekend of fun and frolicking. While my old friends on Long Island were going through a rare Spring snow storm, your old Mistresses was out enjoying a sunny and breezy time at the cabin on the lake.

Four Kinky Seniors & Eight Toy Bags

An invitation from our Okie friends to go fishing was a lovely surprise last weekend. Especially since the last time we went “fishing”, everyone brought their toy bags. Yes, the fishing gear too! Its a wonderful excuse to read a good book with a pitcher of sangria.

Friends for more than a decade, it isn’t often we get together to play, but when we do, show and tell is the first order of business. Both Sue and I married our submissives, and both of the guys are kinky tinkerers – always building or modifying our sex toys.

Boys Will Be Boys When There’s Bragging Rights To Be Had

Our Show & Tell could be classified as a dog and pony show – where not only are they showing what they tinkered, but they have to pimp it to the ladies, because we are the deciding votes, actually the only votes.

You see the winner got a very special prize – the two ladies would use the winner, and winning toy on them. The Loser was left to clean up the toy show, and just listen, while the gals tried out roy’s new radio controlled vibrator, on his lovely slut ass.

Who says getting old isn’t any fun!

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MILF Mistress Kay Marie is Ready for a New Lover

Sexy Cougar Kay Marie is the Newest Mistress on YMM

MILF Mistress Kay Marie is bored with her current lover

Hi Everyone! Happy MILF Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. Over the past two weeks I have had a little fun myself. See, it’s spring break time. That means, those yummy college guys who don’t hit the beach are home.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I think it is time I get a new lover. I have had the same one on & off for years. This is my personal lover, not a sub. Since we’ve been together so long, we know each other inside and out – literally. We are quite close and the sex is amazing. Well…. it was. I’m not as much tired of the same ol same ol as I am left wanting more. Unfortunately, my lover is having a hard time keeping up with me.

The last couple of weeks, my gym has had a steady stream of college guys home for break, who after watching them workout, I know that they would have no problem keeping up with me. I have narrowed my choices down to two.

One I have had my eye on for awhile now. For the past year, when he has been home, he’ll come by to help me around my house. He still had his sweetheart until they broke up over the holidays. He is the type of guy who needs his horizons widened. He has been happy with the sex he has had, because frankly, he was getting it regularly. Consistent vanilla sex. Maybe a blow job. Oh the things I could teach him.

The other, I only recently met. He’s that big man on campus. Mr Jock. Gets every girl he wants. Well, or so he thought, because he has never had a woman. Sex to him has always been about having his needs satisfied. It is time he learns his place. His needs, his satisfaction will come only from pleasuring me.

The term is coming to an end shortly. Which one will be going on to a higher form of education?? Decisions decisions. I can tell you two things ~ both NEED me and neither would ever be the same. I’ll keep you posted.

Until next time.
Ms Kay Marie

Mature MILF Vivian Plays Catch Up Today

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The Mature MILF is RTG!

Oy! When a mature MILF gets behind in her work, all She can do is hustle like a 20 year old, and git it done! So let’s catch up! I’m taking you back to January, the 20th to be specific – and share some details from my 61st Birthday celebration at the country dance hall.

Remember the story of The Mature MILF and The Sexy Young Man Next Door?

Big Bubba has melded well, into our small circle of 20 something friends – we call them, not quite `nilla. They are aware of my work, and curious for juicy details, about  our conversations. I must say, y’all are great fodder, when it’s tipsy story time. I digress ..

January 20th is an auspicious date, and one I share with Big Bubba, however, I’ve been around on this earth, 40+ years more than he. This is the 2nd year we have combined parties, and knocked another one off my bucket list.

Flashback to 1975 Line Dancing @ The Disco

Yup, that was the last time I line-danced, at The Silver Lining Disco, surrounded by the gayest lads that ever shook their boodies. Been there done that. 😉 But there is one dance I never learned, there was never any 2 stepping in Ballroom dance. Enter Bubba, all 6 foot 4 of him – the reputed Prince of the country dance floor.

Oh they didn’t lie, for a bear of a man, he was so light on his feet. I watched as he twirled a parade of pretty young ladies across the floor, between beers. Holding out his hand he said..  Ready to knock another one off your bucket list?

Tripping The Lights Fantastic w/ a Giant

The lesson didn’t take long, it is really a simple trot – if your partner wasn’t 10 inches taller than you, in his shit kickin’ boots. There’s not a pump on earth that can make up for that kind discrepancy.  Still it was fun, and I rustled up a few dudes – who were under 3 hands high.


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The MILF Mistress Vivian Wishes You A Happy New Year

The MILF Says Farewell 2015

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year from The MILF Mistress Vivian!  A bit late, but the sentiments are the same. After a very festive gathering at The Casa de Kinky on Christmas Eve and the subsequent champagne hangover, this old gal knew it was going to have to be a quieter New Year’s Eve.

The MILF Was The Hostess With The Mostest

The champagne cocktail and tasty bites gathering was a huge hit in 2015. Quite a few of my regular phone sex callers and followers of my blogs would recognize some of the names on the guest list.

It was a mix of young and old – half of the Amazon twins, the always sexy fem sub miss Pink, gay David, and Crystal the house mouse with a cute new guy in tow. I heard that a certain tasty young man from next door changed his plans, when he found out who would be celebrating with us.

MILF? Or Yenta

A good Hostess not only plans the food and drink. who is invited is equally as important. A mix of personalities, ages and interests will make any social gathering a success, and when the planner is a bit of a Yenta, a love match could happen.

There are times when your Auntie Viv just can’t turn off the Jewish Mother, and slyly puts two lusty singles in the same room with twinkling lights, and cold bubbly. That really is the whole trick to it – set the stage, add a few props and let nature take its course.

You Don’t Have To Go Home. But You Can’t Stay Here

Silly gifts were exchanged, stories swapped, coffee served and the hostess was yawning by 1 AM, a clear clue that the festivities was at an end. The neighbor boy winked at me over his shoulder, while he helped a young lady on with her coat. and a gave him a thumbs-up, along with a smug smile.

I hummed, weaving my way to the bed. I was happy and content and dreaming of Spring weddings, by the time roy had me all tucked in.

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Sexy Auntie Viv Asks. Do The Clothes Really Make The Man?

“Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance. “

Sexy Auntie Viv Take You Shopping For A New Suit

Do you fantasize about a sexy Auntie taking you in hand, to teach you, mold you and dress you like a real man? Someone has to! Just look around any restaurant or club on a Saturday night and you’ll see the epidemic of ill-dressed guys.  Grown men in cargo shorts and ball caps, out on the town with beautifully put together dates.

What Type of Fellow Needs a Sexy Auntie For Guidance?

By my observations, the majority of men from 18 to 80 don’t give a flip what kind of a first impression they make. Casual men’s wear has gone from slacks and shirts, to shorts and t-shirts – appropriate for a day at the salt mines, but woefully underdressed for any social situation.

Do Clothes Really Make The Man?

The great business woman, Mary Kay Ash is quoted as saying – “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. and I have to agree. You’ll never see my submissive out and about, looking like a hobo, and the care he takes with his appearance, makes me proud to be on his arm.

The clothing may not make the man, but looking disheveled puts your random possibilities for a positive reaction, two steps back.

Are You Lacking In The Wardrobe Department?

Perhaps hearing what some of the other Ladies of LDW say about what they expect to see, when their escorts are standing on their doorstep.

From the lovely Enchantrix Daphne:

When I open the door, I need to see my man looking sharp. How he presents himself is a sign of his sense of self-esteem. If he dresses like a slob, he doesn’t care a whole lot for his health or mental well-being. Give me a neat, put-together man and I will make sure he is taken care of… sexually, more than anything.

A nice pair of jeans or khakis… an ironed shirt… clean shoes -with socks! (And I like colorful socks! “A hint of color.”) This is the way to impress me.

Now, what you put under the clothes? Surprise me!

The Stroke Mistress Catherine:

Thank you, Miss Viv, for asking me how I expect a man to dress on a date with me, although it might be more accurate to say how I expect him NOT to dress!  I have a few hard and fast rules – they might seem basic, but some things have to be spelled out (apparently).

No baseball caps.  No white socks (an exception may be made if you’re actually playing tennis).  No graphic t-shirts.  No polo shirts (again, exceptions may be made if it’s Italian, fits properly and silk.)  Facial hair is tricky.  It’s not that I don’t like facial hair, but make your mind up what it’s supposed to be!  A beard’s fine, clean-shaven is also fine but please – no stubble!

Now about how you should smell.  I don’t mind a subtle cologne, but if you smell as if you bathed in the stuff don’t bother to show up for the date!  It should also be something you took some time in choosing – not the stuff your great aunt Gertrude bought you five Christmases ago!

A man should take some time and effort with his appearance and it should show.  If you can’t be bothered; if you have no respect for yourself and your appearance, then what can you expect from ME?

There you have it Gents …

The truth, from Superior Women.

Listen to Auntie Viv 

To be continued …

Part 2 Buying The Right Suit

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Greetings MILF Fans! If you’ve been following me throughout my 8 years with the LDW Group, you may remember some of the interesting next door neighbors who have come and gone throughout my 15 years in Texas. This past Spring, the cast of characters changed again.

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