The MILF and The Sexy Young Man Next Door

Old Mistress and the Young Man Next Door

Mistress Vivian and The New Neighbors

Greetings MILF Fans! If you’ve been following me throughout my 8 years with the LDW Group, you may remember some of the interesting next door neighbors who have come and gone throughout my 15 years in Texas. This past Spring, the cast of characters changed again.

Life Is a Crap Shoot

The small Tudor brick home had stood empty for more than a month. Rentals are scarce in this popular part of town, and it had always been scooped up fast. I was keeping a look out, and hoping this next neighbor would be a sociable family, with their own gardening tools.Then one day, the sign was gone and you could hear the new folks working inside, which was to me, a very a good sign. We exchanged names and pleasantries across garden fences, and was so pleased they were a happy and attractive couple – Janet and Will.

The Sexy Young Man Next Door

Janet called one morning and asked if I had any coffee, the electricity was off because of repairs and they were all fading fast. There is always coffee brewing at the Casa de Kinky and a perfect way to get to know them better. As I was filling a carafe of the brew that is true, I heard a knock at the portico door.

Miss Vivian? I heard a young voice call as I was just putting cookies in a paper bag. Looking through the screen was a huge young man, well over 6 foot 3 – his bulk filled up the entranceway and he blushed bright red when I looked up and said – oh my.

Friends, we live in a 1920s house, there isn’t a ceiling under 8 foot in this old pile of rocks. But young Bubba – as I eventually tagged him, was a giant of man, who had zero door frame clearance, and the nature of a eager puppy.

Oh My Is Right!

What a fortunate MILF am I! Not only did I get a sweet young man who offers to do chores for the nice lady next door, but I get the added perk of eye-candy, trimming my bushes. ~sigh~ I will just have to enjoy the fantasies and behave myself. After all

One can only be but SO neighborly.

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There’s Two Sexy Cougars on YMM

Sexy Cougar Kay Marie is the Newest Mistress on YMM

Meet Our Sexy Cougar Kay Marie!

Two Sexy cougars – the very thought – must drive you wild, eh?  I hope you’ve noticed there’s new things going on at YMM. I am so pleased that Miss Kay Marie has agreed to be a contributor to the site. We announced it last Friday during a surprise Cock Radio Show, and I’m happy to report – a great time was had by all.

Rocking The Cock Cougar Style 

The free Adult chat room, Community Kink had a wonderful turn out – there were some of our favorite chatters, and a few old friends – who we have missed and hope they hang out again. Miss KM and I hot swapped the controls of Cock Radio, and I have to tell you it was really fun, and WAY smoother, with more Mistresses! Thanks to Miss Brighton – she like her name, made the evening bright.

What’s Next For Our Sexy Cougars

We are both looking forward to making Your MILF Mistresses THE place to interact with the ladies you adore … older, wiser and full of fun. I’ll be working graphics this month and you can bet the rent, we’ll be hearing from Miss Kay Marie, very soon.

A True Treat for MILF Fans 

In the mood for some Big Time Kinky Fun? Let’s all get together for a tag team extravaganza and arrange your Two MILF Mistress Session.


MILF Mistress Kay Marie is The Guest Blogger Today

MILF Kay Marie

Do MILFs Drive You Mad?

Hi Everyone!! It is so nice to be making a guest post here.  I was recently ask, “What is it about MILFs?” Talk about a loaded question! It’s also one with a lot of answers.  Because to tell the truth, there’s a lot about MILFs ~ and it is all hot.

MILFs ~ Experience and Confidence

The two most common things I hear when someone describes what they find so attractive about MILFs are Experience and Confidence. I happen to think that the two of the go hand in hand.  Although, just the other day, my friend “P” said they prefer the term knowledge. And my other friend J, make a fair point by saying with knowledge comes power.  I couldn’t agree more! With that comes confidence. A MILF knows who she is, what she wants.

Long gone are the times of having sex for some man.  Sex is for her pleasure. Oh don’t get me wrong, it is quite pleasurable for the guy (or the gal – lol) as well.  MILFs are comfortable in their own skin. That is confidence.  They own their curves and flaws ~ all are a part of her ~ and she owns them.

You might think that I act as though I know quite a bit about MILFs. Well I assure you, it is now act.  I too have “knowledge”. Firsthand “knowledge”.  See, I am a MILF.  Oh yes ~ and I love it. I wouldn’t go back to my life, my body or even the sex I had in my 20’s for anything.  My life is entirely on my own terms. Who and what I do ~ my choice.  And the choices are endless.

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Can’t get enough of us MILFs can you??

You know how reach us.

Until next time.


Ms. Kay Marie


Do Mature Women Float Your Boat?

Mature Miss Vivian

Mature Women Know What To Do With a Slut Like You.


Greetings Lovers of Mature and sexy women!  I was out to lunch with my 20 something girl friends and we got to talking about what men want.  Mind you, I said Men – and not the whimpering losers with dirty ball caps on their heads, that seem to be a plague on the social scene. You know darlings that these lovely young ladies look to me for advice – even though it been decades since I trolled the bar scene.  It is quite different now…

Mature Isn’t A Number 

As my Daddy was fond of saying ….

You can’t catch trout in the Great South Bay.

In other words, if you want a mature man, then sucking down $1 beers where the college kids hang out, isn’t the way. Go where the bankers, lawyers and professors are at Happy Hour, and start flirting.  One doesn’t have to be a senior citizen to be mature, it is all about how a person conducts themselves in public. Even if everyone around you in glued to their EyePhones, a mature lady knows that casual conversation, is how you turly get to know someone – beyond social networks.

Times may change – but a confident and mature young lady – will always have her pick of the fishes.


MILF Miss Viv Spruces Up The Place

Coming Attractions For Your MILF Mistresses

MILF It Does A Body Good

Hello MILF Miss Lovers! You may notice over the next few weeks, some changes here on Your MILF Mistresses. Just a bit of a tidy-up – before we welcome a new Cougar to the blogging team.

I can’t spill the particulars – yet – but keep an eye out here, or Fem Domain for the re-launch date and details of upcoming events.

Anyone in the mood for a Party?


MILF Mistress Vivian




MILF Mistress Vivian Always Sends Her Very Best To Impress

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MILF Mistress Vivian and Nurse Naughty

Turn Left & Cough

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The MILF & The Alpha Man

Do Fem Doms Switch?


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Why Ms Delia Loves Being a Cougar

Cougar Mistress Delia

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Real World Advice


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