Milf Style and Sex Toys

Milfs just have fun. You know this by now. So…what if I were to take you by the hand, my hot young stud and show you other ways to enhance what you may already think is the best orgasms you have? Do you trust me? You should, after all, have I yet to lead . . . → Read More: Milf Style and Sex Toys

Stroke It For Ms. Sloane

As I became more and more true to myself and did what I wanted with whom I wanted and the hot Milf you see before you came into existence, I realized that one of my favorite pleasures was to watch a man stroke for me. Sound weird? Bear with me, I’ll explain.

I’m sure . . . → Read More: Stroke It For Ms. Sloane

The Milf Way

Hi there! My name is Sloane and I’m one of the new-er Milf Mistresses at LDW. Milfs have sooo much fun, don’t they? I really enjoy a younger man, who has grown up enough to understand that sex is more fun than video games, has quick recovery time,  and is willing to take instruction. . . . → Read More: The Milf Way