As I became more and more true to myself and did what I wanted with whom I wanted and the hot Milf you see before you came into existence, I realized that one of my favorite pleasures was to watch a man stroke for me. Sound weird? Bear with me, I’ll explain.

I’m sure you’re a competent stroker and have been for years, but have you ever thought how much fun it would be if you were able to show off your skills to someone? Be able to prove what a maestro you are of playing the skin flute? You might think you’ve perfected the craft and I sincerely doubt it, but it’s cute you believe so. I think, that it’s past time to get out of your routine, your rut.

Just imagine what would happen if you had an erotic Milf such as me guiding your every move, sounds enticing doesn’t it? Phone sex with all of its sounds and the use of imagination and creativity can be…a whole new erotic experience.

Hearing those sounds….up then down, slow then fast. Just as I hear your breath become increasingly heavier, I have you throttle back that intensity a bit, just for a moment. I don’t want you to erupt just quite yet, see a Milf cock tease has to have her fun too you know, just as much as a spoiled princess does! I want to hear the ache in your voice as you’re forced to hold it in and build up what will inevitably become a larger-than-life explosion you will want to relive over and over again. And you will.

I will have your cock pulsating so hard you lose track of reality. In the end you will be yearning, craving, and pleading to yell out my name when finally you’re allowed to cum. See what you’ve been missing by cock stroking solo all this time? Don’t deny yourself any longer, call me. I can show you things you may never have thought possible. I want to see how we can make this fantasy a reality!