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Sex Starved Milf Rampages Memphis

I Wanted To PLAY!

I’m Not Amused

To say that my holiday was enjoyable is like hearing someone tell you that going to the oral surgeon to get all of their teeth yanked out was a blast, fun, wanna do it all again! In short? I’m not amused.

Out here in the country, . . . → Read More: Sex Starved Milf Rampages Memphis

Free Kink Holiday EBook

Our own lovely Ms Andi has  gone around and collected stories from several different Mistresses at LDW, about their favorite kink.


Get Your EBook!

Come and get it!

It’s right here, waiting for you to download it.

Be sure to stop by and thank Ms Andi, because if it weren’t for her, none . . . → Read More: Free Kink Holiday EBook

Doing The Nasty With Naughtiness Continues

Have You Been Naughty?

Our Twelve Days of Naughtiness continues! You are almost through and you are such a studious little pupil aren’t you? You’re learning more about your ass and that ‘P’ spot then you ever thought possible. I’m proud of you! Have you done your twenty strokes since Monday? I know My . . . → Read More: Doing The Nasty With Naughtiness Continues

12 Days of Naughtiness

Have You Been Naughty?

Mmmmm….your Milf Mistress has been researching for all of those young studs out there, you could say I’m reading my list and checking it twice…Have you been naughty? Or nice?

Oh, I do hope it’s naughty, as it’s ever so much more fun! I’ve been searching the web…just for . . . → Read More: 12 Days of Naughtiness

Milf Ms Sloane Has What You Need

Oh honey, you need it bad don’t you? You’ve been thinking of me haven’t you? That’s okay, you can admit it, no shame in it!

Milf Mistress Sloane has just what you need. You’ve been lusting for me to bend you you over my knee and spank you thoroughly before I take that ass . . . → Read More: Milf Ms Sloane Has What You Need

A Mature Woman Knows the Importance of the Right Shoe

Hello there, boys and sissy girls! I feel the winter creeping in; the cool, crisp air; the warm clothes that, unlike winter clothes, that can get bulky and cumbersome to wear. It’s a great time of year- even if the chill reminds me of my advancing years and an old dance injury.

Swapping Shoes for the . . . → Read More: A Mature Woman Knows the Importance of the Right Shoe