Introduction To Chastity

My Plan Was Diabolical and Fun                                                                           

To your little mind, the naughty Milf phone sex sessions with me had improved greatly, especially after I assisted you in discovering your kinkier side. So nice, isn’t it? To explore what you had so recently confided in me, was wrong and dirty. Last Saturday night had been great with you agreeing to letting me tie you to the bed with silken scarves before fucking you until you exploded in a screaming orgasm. You were only too happy to play again. It was exactly what I had counted on. It was your beginning to my next step to introducing you to chastity.

You Never Saw It Coming

This week, you were even open to my suggestion that I tie you up and tease you. You, so very eager for sex, agreed immediately-you silly little  man!  I had you by the cock didn’t I? You never saw the shackles until they were locked round your wrists, so intent were you on my lips around your cock. I had you right where I wanted you. Now that you can’t run away, it’s time to play my little fun toy! Confess to me.  What naughtiness have you  been up to and don’t lie. Poor silly man, you twist and turn before you sulkily admit to jerking off without me, a big no-no, a week ago.

I waited til your eyes were level with the lace panel of my panties, framed beautifully by the black lace straps of  my garters that led to the dark nylon band of my lace stocking tops.  “We can do this the easy way – or,” I jiggle my breasts in the black silk bustier, catching your gaze once more, ” or the hard way. Which is it to be, stud?”

My fingers encircle your hard cock and teasingly pull it once or twice, making your eyes roll and you moan…


To Be Continued…

8 comments to Introduction To Chastity

  • magnus

    Oh my, MsSloane. I have a feeling that I’m going to enjoy this story quite a bit. Sounds like right up my alley.

  • Good morning magnus! 🙂

    Yes, you might say that this story
    should fit you like a glove!

    I imagine, as chastity isn’t a new concept
    For you, your views may ease the way for our newer
    members to it. 🙂

    Ms Sloane

  • magnus

    Hi MsSloane. For me actually it’s not something I’ve done but I have always been interested in trying. I know I would never want to do long term – [hat’s not for me. But the power exchange part is what I find delicious. Letting someone else have control over when and if I’m allowed to cum…. And having someone lock me while I’m bound like this… mmmmmm….

  • Oh I agree magnus!

    I find it so seductive, that handing over control to a Mistress and entrusting her with your body and mind. I think it’s the trust shown that gives me such a thrill. 🙂

    Given your beautiful work with all things metal, I can certainly see the attraction!
    I’d love to lock you up with a product of your own making and..deny you for awhile! 😉

    Ms Sloane

  • scottjr

    great story -cannot wait for the rest – its drawing me in and making me wish I were that guy!

  • Good morning scott!

    Glad to have your input-
    thank you!
    LOL You can be that guy! Oh yes! 😉
    It just gets better, this story.
    Trust me! 🙂

    Ms Sloane

  • scottjr

    well, that would be awesome to be him as I imagine that I could not stop looking at those perfect breasts in the black bustier and those garters and stockings on those beautiful legs. I agree with Magnus that while never have done chastity control, the aspect of power exchange would be mind blowing. and since I did purchase a chastity device, wonder what the next step should be…..

  • Yes scott:
    Chastity is such a wonderful
    compliance making, amicable friendship inspiring,
    arrogance knock-er down-er! 😉

    It’s gonna be a fun ride!

    Ms. Sloane

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