SmallDickitis is a BIG Problem

Small Cocks are a BIG Problem!

Attention Small Cock Sufferers!

Attention! Do you have a small cock? A teeny weenie? Do you suffer from Smalldickatosis? Have you been asked that terrible question…’Is it in yet?” Take heart,  this  is for you! Coming soon, to a phone near you…Mistress Sloane’s Small Cock Support! Small Dickery . . . → Read More: SmallDickitis is a BIG Problem

BDSM Sex Toy Help Line

How Can I Help Your BDSM Phone Sex Issue Today?

 A Whole New Support System-It Could Happen!

I was thinking how nice it might be if there were a BDSM sex toy help line out there, like the tech support we (I) always have to call because my laptop has issues (it conspires . . . → Read More: BDSM Sex Toy Help Line

Do Small Cocks Measure Up

How Does YOUR Cock Measure Up?








Having a small cock is humiliating isn’t it? Do you cringe when you get naked to do the nasty for the first time and wonder what your partner may say upon seeing that pitiful penis? Do you hate but  crave the humiliation . . . → Read More: Do Small Cocks Measure Up

Speak Knk Code

Knk Speak on the DL

Do You Speak Knk?

Much as it chaps my ass, prudence is necessary at times. Learning Knk Speak can smooth the way, lessen your chances of pulling a boner, and does add some zest to real everyday life. Read and learn.

“Oh I’m sorry. I’m missionary style-incompatible. Highly . . . → Read More: Speak Knk Code

Chastity is Good For Your Naughty Cock

Chastity Slut Training is a Tough Job But…                          

Cock Locked Up For Safe Keeping

I pumped your face all that long night and bathed you in my juices regularly. I am considerate, letting you rest and catch your wind, though . . . → Read More: Chastity is Good For Your Naughty Cock

Penile Bondage My Chastity Slut

Penile Lock Down

“Tonight, my chastity slut in training, you won’t be able to cum.”

Instead, your job is to service me all night. Tomorrow I might unlock  you to cum, if and only if, you do well tonight.  I leave you for awhile to stew over your predicament. Locked up in chastity and . . . → Read More: Penile Bondage My Chastity Slut

Chastity Begins


I Have The Key…To Your Desire!



“Really…What choice do you have?”  ‘

I see you  watch me, your eyes tracking the sway of my breasts, the jiggle of my buttocks, as I walk past you, as I retrieve an odd looking apparatus from a large plastic bag, see you try . . . → Read More: Chastity Begins