I Have The Key...To Your Desire!



“Really…What choice do you have?”  ‘

I see you  watch me, your eyes tracking the sway of my breasts, the jiggle of my buttocks, as I walk past you, as I retrieve an odd looking apparatus from a large plastic bag, see you try to  move your legs off the bed. “Can you guess what this is, my naughty stroker stud? A chastity belt and just for you!”

You tried to move but the cuffs kept you in place. “I’ll put the belt on and then we’ll have a little talk.” I’m betting that’s when you had the feeling you weren’t getting into my panties tonight! Smiling down at your face, I stroke that hard cock gently and laugh at your nonplussed expression. “Don’t you know that chastity makes Milf Mistress sex, especially phone sex- even hotter?

You never would’ve even considered it unless I had you right where I wanted you!”

“Time to put it on, and introduce you to the pleasures to be had from chastity. It won’t hurt and you’ll get used to it soon enough. I can’t have you stroking without me and you don’t have the cock control needed to refrain when I’m gone so…up you go!” You look wildly at me and realize that I’m not kidding! Maybe the flogger by my side of the bed helped. Whatever the case may be-it was all it took and you grudgingly let me put the belt on, hard cock bobbing in the cool air, while I laughed at your amazement and your slowly shrinking dick. “Reality has finally hit, hasn’t it? 

Part Three and The Final Installment Coming Soon

NO Stroking-Anymore!