Knk Speak on the DL

Do You Speak Knk?

Much as it chaps my ass, prudence is necessary at times. Learning Knk Speak can smooth the way, lessen your chances of pulling a boner, and does add some zest to real everyday life. Read and learn.

Oh I’m sorry. I’m missionary style-incompatible. Highly allergic. I guess I should wear that medical bracelet, huh?” (wink)

Translation-Vanilla sex okay but…take the hint and ask me if I’m kinky!

Absolutely! I’m totally knk-progressive! So cool to see you are too!” (mischievous smirk)

Translation- Exactly what are you into so I don’t put my foot in my mouth. Work with me here!

“I’m more of a spank natured type of lady in foreplay” (evil grin)

Translation- I’m dying to paddle that gorgeous ass of yours. What say you?

I firmly believe in being endorphin-enhanced at all times” (Β lick my lips)

Translation-Look big guy. I’m a multi orgasmic woman and really want to get naughty with you!

“You can consider me fetish-accessible” (hand to my shirt buttons)

Translation-I have sex toys, I will travel (after I get my car). Let’s get freaky already!

Learning Knk Speak is Easy!

Maybe you don’t want to explain for the ten millionth time, what your kinks are or why certain fetishes do it for you. Maybe you need to keep your naughtiest pleasures hidden for various reasons. Words are powerful aren’t they? I’m a lifestyle Milf Mistress, I get off on erotic high end phone sex sessions and love hearing a man cum (among many other things) but I don’t Β holler out my front door for the entire world to hear what I do, what I enjoy. I simply speak knk!

Give me a call, confess those secrets, let’s talk Knky!