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Let's Get Naughty!

Do You Like Your Job?

The conference room on the second floor was open and quiet after the sounds of the office floor. You enter hesitantly, wondering why the boss lady had called you in. Sitting at the head of the long table on the other end of the room, I eye you narrowly, hiding my smile as you swallow nervously. “Close the door behind you and sit down”, I order and almost laugh as you hasten to comply. Oh to be twenty two again. Not that thirty five sucks, but still!

Do You Know Why You’re Here? 

“It’s time for your performance evaluation. Based on what your superiors have said about you, the recommendations made, I’m offering you a raise and…a new position. Provided that you are up to it. Interested?” I know you are. I’ve watched you well over a year and know your reactions. “The position is that of my personal assistant and while there is a bump in pay it is also more responsibility.” I listen in amusement as you stammer out the question of what is expected of you. Your eyes trace over my thin blouse and you shift in your chair. 

Earn It

If you want this job, you have to show me. I stand up and wait. So scared you are, that room must feel like the length of a football field. When you finally reach me and I smile, encouraged by the swiftly growing bulge in your pants and the sudden understanding on your face. I stop you from  unzipping your trousers and place my hands on your belt, removing it and using it to bind your hands, ignoring your sudden intake of breath.

  You are My Boy Toy

I  used you that day, for my pleasure and watched the humiliation on your face. I rubbed my taut body all over yours and you couldn’t do anything but feel, your hands bound by your own belt.  I teased your hard cock, edged you and gave your ass a little slap. You broke, begging me to jerk your cock off and all but whining when I wouldn’t. I kept teasing your cock until you begged for mercy and came, with your hands bound. Wanna add an a lustful cougar office role play to your phone sex fantasy? Call me-we can discuss it.

So… tomorrow then?