Handy Dandy Milf Handbook

Milf Mistress

Does Your Stud Have the Wham Bam Mentality?

Such a hot combination, a Milf and a college age twenty something. They are an entirely different species and once you train them, a lot of fun! Think quick recovery time, wild imaginations, no sexual ruts. Here are some beginner basics for Milfs . . . → Read More: Handy Dandy Milf Handbook

Dream With Me

I’m having such an amazingly sultry fantasy. Mmmm…the colors, the sounds, the studs! Oh yes!

Milf Vacation in my Mind

 I decided that if this lifestyle Milf mistress were to ever have a vacation, it would look like this.

Want to Star in MY Erotic Fantasy?

so…why don’t you join me? 


. . . → Read More: Dream With Me

Come Into My Parlor Said The Lady To The Guy

Happy Sunday all! It’s just past dawn on what will be a most Beautiful day in TEXAS and I’m still a little foggy from my dreams. Not wanting to forget this super sexy one, I went straight to my computer, so I could share it with you. You know us MILF gals, we can be . . . → Read More: Come Into My Parlor Said The Lady To The Guy

Milf Pleasures Strap On Delights

Start Your Friday Like This!

Happy 4:20 to all! Here is magnus supremely seductive and oh so wantonly steamy climatic end to his Pick Your Own Milf Adventure…this is another time that exploring an erotic fantasy with me is recommended, as I’m already worked up! Enjoy it, as I did. magnus, you owe . . . → Read More: Milf Pleasures Strap On Delights

Climaxing With a Milf Foot Fantasy

Milf Fantasies Are Here

kneel’s very sinful, very naughty and oh so gratifying conclusion t0 his version of Choose Your Own Milf Fantasy. Thank you very much for the great writing as well as the time it took! I know I enjoyed it! Strip For Me

YOU command him to strip. he begins . . . → Read More: Climaxing With a Milf Foot Fantasy

Lusty Milf Done Your Way

More Milf please!

Erotic Fantasy Done YOUR Way!

Wow, that magnus guy has some nice fantasy ideas. It’s got me hot and bothered.  Me too! I wonder how much the idea of being a Milf in an erotic story telling fantasy NOT directed by me, turns you on. Let’s see.

 What Will You Do . . . → Read More: Lusty Milf Done Your Way

A Visit To MILF Mistress Viv

Hello all! The other day, while Mistress Sloane and I were chitter-chatting on the phone, we talked for some length about how alike we are. At some point in the conversation, we both concluded that if we looked in our family trees, we’d find out that we were kin.

When 2 Sexy Women Click . . . → Read More: A Visit To MILF Mistress Viv

Pawn in a Hot Milf Fantasy


Pawns in Your Game

 Next up in this, oh so hot, Milf Pick Your Own Adventure Fantasy is Magnus. Technically speaking, I’m your puppet Magnus, in this fantasy. Show me what you can do…when you spin an erotic story and have your way with me! Milf Fantasy a’ la magnus

Here we . . . → Read More: Pawn in a Hot Milf Fantasy

Hot Milf Pick Your Own Fantasy Adventure

When we left off, the young man who had knocked on my door had just come in… “As he brushed by me, he brought with him the scent of fresh air and of the rain to come. Looks like my playmate just arrived…”


 Fantasy Number One by kneel

Sensuality IS Southern

As . . . → Read More: Hot Milf Pick Your Own Fantasy Adventure

Pick Your Own Milf Fantasy


Technology is king even in this world of an IT tech deficient Milf mistress. Even now as I am composing this blog post, I’m kicked back with my feet up on my desk and have finally conquered my Dragon. So with a more… hands-free options available to me now, I wonder what MILF . . . → Read More: Pick Your Own Milf Fantasy