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Why Milf?

Milfs Have GOOD sex!

Mrs. Robinson, I’m not…

I often get asked why I like being a Milf so much. When a lifestyle femdom hits her 30’s and some young stud comes along, makes you feel something that you haven’t felt for a long time, that luscious rush of desire, reawakened and ravenous, in a conversation that . . . → Read More: Why Milf?

Milfs Just Wanna Party

Milfs Get Wild Hairs

   Are you ready?


Ms Viv and I were doing our morning routine. Chatting with Jet Fuel (breakfast of Milf Mistresses everywhere) and…we had an idea. We decided we’re gonna offer something that happens once in a blue moon. She has an empty house (no ‘nillas to be . . . → Read More: Milfs Just Wanna Party

Here To Hump You Up

“Ms Viv knows how to really raise The Cock!”

Wednesday was really awesome wasn’t it? I’ve been getting such great feedback from strokers to Mistresses!

What you missed

For those who couldn’t make it, I’ll recap the highlights because it’s Friday, I’m in a good mood, and adequately caffeinated. The topic was Great Duets . . . → Read More: Here To Hump You Up