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A Cougar, Her Panties, And A Young Stroker

Cougar Sex Ed

“I want to tease you a little tonight, but you will cum very hard for me.”

I have you strip down nothing in front of  me and just to feed my never ending Cougar and femdom mistress desires, I slowly take off  my bra and then my panties. They are . . . → Read More: A Cougar, Her Panties, And A Young Stroker

Proving Your Devotion

  If you’re the kind of man who’s ever looked through a women’s magazine, then you’ve probably seen some of those “How to Improve Your Sex Life” articles. Those things never give any really useful advice. Mostly, they just recycle the same 5 or 6 “tips” every few months to make them look like . . . → Read More: Proving Your Devotion

Room With A View

Naughty Stroker

I always feel like; somebody’s watchin’ me…

I have a new neighbor. I know, because his dog and mine have had several disagreements over territory. And…you haven’t put curtains up yet. Nor do you realize that in addition to these facts, that I also know you watch me at night. Hard to hide the sheen . . . → Read More: Room With A View

Naughty Nurse Naturally

Cougars Love Younger Guys


Naughtiness is as Naughtiness does…

I picked him up at the bar, after a game of pool (I won of course) and brought him home, that cute college guy who was so arrogantly adorable. He had confided to me over a drink, that he often fantasized about erotic . . . → Read More: Naughty Nurse Naturally

Posers and Kinky Milfs

I want you naked

I Want to see You Naked!

This Milf mistress seriously gets off on seeing her young studs pose naked for her. The good thing about my one of many favorite naughty fetishes is that young studs usually have no problem doing just that! Time to get naked for me and step . . . → Read More: Posers and Kinky Milfs