Naughty Stroker

I always feel like; somebody’s watchin’ me…

I have a new neighbor. I know, because his dog and mine have had several disagreements over territory. And…you haven’t put curtains up yet. Nor do you realize that in addition to these facts, that I also know you watch me at night. Hard to hide the sheen from binoculars, you silly man!



It makes me wet, knowing you watch…

I’m certainly worth watching, my body is smokin’ hot, and at 35, you can safely say this cougar knows her way around a younger man’s cock. I know you’ve been a voyeur since you moved in, stroking your cock with one hand, binocs in the other, watching as I undress and get ready for bed, you naughty thing!

Teasing Your Cock

Since I find myself in need of a distraction after a long day and cock teasing is one of my many forte’s, why not give you a little thrill? I started teasing your cock last week, made sure my bedroom had the lights on and that you were in your customary spot before I stood in front of the window, took off my shirt, and then took off my bra. I can see you…so I turn around and hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my black lace thongs, slowly sliding them down over my hips and bending over to step out of them. I’ll bet that cock of yours just exploded, didn’t it?




Stroke to this Cougar

The next few nights, I did the same thing, going a little further each time. Sliding my hand down my breast and into my panties and the next night having my vibrator. You loved it didn’t you, a cougar cock tease? I liked it too! It made me ache to have my hands on you, show you ways to edge and delay your all too quick orgasms. How do I know this? Easy! I had my binoculars!