Cougar Strap On Surprise

Sexy Cougars Love Strap On Sex



Cougar In Charge

“Suck my cock” is the first sentence you hear, upon awaking in my bedroom, after a night of uncontrolled wild sex of the cougar variety. I don’t give you much of a chance to protest anyway, once you open your mouth, my . . . → Read More: Cougar Strap On Surprise

A Box Of Naughty Delights

Everyone needs a naughty box in their life!


Have Toys, will Travel

Okay, so the term’ naughty box’  is used loosely, at least with regards to me. My box is more of a suitcase with wheels. I firmly believe you just simply can’t go wrong with the addition of a sex toy . . . → Read More: A Box Of Naughty Delights

Your Naughty Secret Exposed


I found Your Naughty Box…

I found a box on the highest shelf in the back of the closet. Curious, I picked it up and sat it down on the bed. It wasn’t labeled in my writing and I didn’t recognize it. Opening the lid, I could see a red silky teddy and . . . → Read More: Your Naughty Secret Exposed

What’s Up With All the Cocksuckers?


A bright good morning pets! It’s another lHOT day in the Lone Star State. Hard to believe it is Wednesday already – this week is just flying by so quickly – but that’s always the way, when you are a busy Erotic Phone Sex Mistress. You boys have been keeping me hopping . . . → Read More: What’s Up With All the Cocksuckers?

Serving A Mature Mistress’ Feet

One thing I like to pride myself on – is my status as a submissive trainer in the Femdom community. These ladies don’t accept just anyone’s BS, so when they accept you as a peer and a trainer of men, you know you’ve made it. That’s doubly true when they let you assist them . . . → Read More: Serving A Mature Mistress’ Feet

Femdom Cougars

I Always Get My Man

Challenging Your Concepts of What A Femdom Cougar Is

Why? It’s what I do and I do it well. I’m here to use my experience as both a real life cougar and online femdom mistress and breathe life into the erotic fantasy of your making. You opened that . . . → Read More: Femdom Cougars