A bright good morning pets! It’s another lHOT day in the Lone Star State. Hard to believe it is Wednesday already – this week is just flying by so quickly – but that’s always the way, when you are a busy Erotic Phone Sex Mistress. You boys have been keeping me hopping and I’m wondering – what’s up with all you cock suckers?


 Mistress ADORES Cock Whores

It never takes me too long to figure out that you are craving a side trip to an out of town adult book store to check out the booths. It is so much fun for me- when you suck in your breath when I suggest you get your happy ass in gear and go count the cars in the parking lot – before picking up the phone to report in.

I ADORE the nervousness in your voice, when hand-in-hand we start for the door. You’ve already been told you will be buying a big fat dildo to practice your blow job skills on, and I can see your hands tremble as you take the plain brown paper bag, and ask the clerk for your change in video tokens.

I can tell you are so on edge that you haven’t noticed that others are watching from the back of the store, and there’s a buzz growing by the minute.

Shaking With Excitement

You follow three steps behind and I don’t have to see you to know what your expression is, when you hear your Mistress being greeted like an old friend. I’m sure you think your humiliation is at it’s worse when the loitering men ask if Vivian has some new meat to share – but Mistress knows better – and deep down, so do you – that this is just the beginning.

Step by step you move closer to your destiny and start the delicious decent towards cock sucking Debauchery!

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