Everyone needs a naughty box in their life!


Have Toys, will Travel

Okay, so the term’ naughty box’  is used loosely, at least with regards to me. My box is more of a suitcase with wheels. I firmly believe you just simply can’t go wrong with the addition of a sex toy into the bedroom. And in being prepared. There is a reason I liked the local scout master, he had the very same motto, and well he was…really packin’… heat!


“Yeah but…guys don’t need…toys!”

I know that there is a still very commonly held theory by a small contingency of ‘we’re macho (delusional) and proud of it ‘males out there, that says, if the guy can’t rock your world with just himself, no batteries included, then he’s the wrong guy, is what usually leads me to lob miscellaneous things, said things that are humming at high intensity, at that guy’s head. Here’s MY theory.Sex toys can always be counted on for making a good time even better, whether solo or with a supersexed cougar, who likes variety in her life.


Do You Strokers have a Whack Off Box?

So what do you keep in yours? I made a list of the 3 basic essentials that every kink inclined, fetish friendly guy should have for his naughty box. These are the very same items I have in mine, just so you know.  Hey, I’m a cougar and a femdom, who’s favorite way to play is to tease that cock and have you beg for mercy. I know…twisted, right? Would you expect less?

Stroker Must Haves:

The Fleshlight I use this a lot, when coercing orgasms from men. Imagine trying to resist while a sexy cougar is working it on that cock and teasing you…Yeah…it’s a limit tester after my own heart!


Hands Free is always good! Especially if in a hot phone sex session with me! But that’s a no-brainer.

4 Way Lube-it has all needs covered! No hunting around for the right one. I invariably can’t find mine, so I velcro-ed it to the inside lid.

A cock ring made for big ‘uns and not so…this one cracks me up! I love watching a man who is so turned on, trying not to cum after a relentless tease and delay session with me, try to get this around his cock. He more often than not fails my little tease test by cumming from the sheer stimulation!


Ready to get freaky?

Those 3 basics have you covered. I’m curious. How many of you chronic masturbatory inclined guys have any of the above in your naughty box? Or even better, what’s your favorite naughty box item?