Ms Sloane Loves Horsepower

Strokers Start Your…Engines?! What? Wait…



Gentlemen…Start Your Engines

Yes indeedy~I’m bbackk and I’m in one hellacious I want to hear you moan my name kind of mood. After a relatively dry, think absolutely mind numbing, beat my head on the nearest wall, while giggling hysterically because I (sing it with me now) didn’t get nooo satisfaction- type of holiday, yeah, you might say I’m a Femdom Cougar with a crave. Of the severe fetish seeking variety. I’m feelin’ the need to get downright naughty (your nipples may be included)!


Game On!

So! Been stroking away in my absence? Mmmhmmm…I thought so! The younger guys never keep their hands to themselves! Whatever am I to do about that? Oh I know…how about we indulge in some really hot absolutely naughty…weekend fun? Hmmm? Yes, you read correctly and no more playing email tag (you’re it anyway) with me, let’s do this weekend up in style! I’ll be here and oh so willing to assist your secret desires, such as…well lemme see now…you’ve been stroking while I was away, admit it, you are sooo busted so let’s do some tease and denial, heavy on the denial, with a side of humiliation and a dash of begging to cum to season it just right!

Cougar Femdom Sloane

Time for naughtiness!


Ms Sloane? Denial? Do they even go together?!

One sure way to find out! I’ll get you so hot and bothered, whispering naughty suggestions in your ear while I take you to even higher places of pleasure during our hot phone sex session that you’ll beg me to cum, won’t you? And likely cry when you hear me deny you that orgasm you so desperately want, that’ll you’d confess to most anything! Why? Because cutie, Cougar Femdoms are where it’s at!