Celebrate with a Cougar, it's my 1st year anniversary with LDW

I love watching you eat your own cum




 He knew I loved watching him stroke his cock

I hit the jackpot the day I came home early from work and caught my current play toy jacking off on my bed. Instead of stopping when he saw me standing in the doorway, he smiled and started stroking that big thick cock even harder. He knew I loved watching him stroke  and that he would get the benefits of my watching, as I would invariably be so wildly turned on that I would jump his bones for hours after.  In other words, it was almost always a safe bet that he was going to get a hot horny cougar atop him, ready to make him cum in myriad different ways.

My cum eating surprise

This time it was different. Instead of stopping right before he came like he usually did, my toy kept teasing his cock, edging himself, not letting me to do anything but watch. I sat on the bed, right next to him and watched intently as he jerked that cock until he shot his huge load onto his belly in a massive orgasm. Then to my delighted surprise, he scooped up the cum he had just shot and sucked it off of his fingers and then grinned at me. Cougars like younger men to play with, because they tend to have very quick recovery time and he was no exception.


He knew I had always fantasized about watching him eat his own cum

Thus began a wild afternoon and evening filled with nothing but sex, orgasms, and lots of cum eating. We did take a short intermission to eat but that was it. Now my cute younger stud even cleans up after he creampies me. No cougar could ask for more. A stud who has a thick cock and cleans up after himself? That’s hitting the jackpot!


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