Cougars ARE Sirens

Silly Man! Not All Sirens Are Sea-Bound!



“What do you desire?”

I saw you watch me as I walked into the dimly lit bar, watched how you observed my every sinuous movement when I began to dance to the music. Perfectly happy to be solo, I had every man’s attention when I swayed in time to the pulsing drums. I chuckled to myself when I saw you make your way through the crowd and ask if you might dance with me. When you held me close, I whispered in your ear. “What do you desire?” As if your hard cock pressing against my groin wasn’t positive proof of what you yearned for.

“Will you be mine tonight?”

I hear you whisper this when the was a brief lull in the music. I had to smile. Hook, line, and sinker. This cockteasing Cougar with her skimpy red dress that clung lovingly to her breasts, her waist, her ass, had succeeded in her siren song. I snared your interest and then awakened your lust just as I always did. Soon you would be under my spell, seduced into fulfilling my naughty kinks and obeying my every command. Sensual domination is just my seducing you into doing what you never have done before. I shall feed well this night, from your lusts.

Sirens aren’t only in the sea…

The next thing you know, you’re clad in my red silky panties, moaning as I stroke your hard cock through them. Begging me to relieve this terrible ache and let you cum. Every fervent plea strengthens me, and I grow full from your dip into the erotic sensations of sensual humiliation. I tease your cock unmercifully and delay your orgasm until the very last moment and when I  finally rip those panties to one side and allow you to cum, you groan in relief.  When they find you the next day, drained and pale, they wonder what made you highside it with such a smile. Not all sirens are bound to the water. Some of us are able to walk the land.


Ms Sloane