Cougars Like Foreplay

 Cougars like Foreplay

Speaking personally as the sexy cougar I am, I’m always thinking about sex. I know I watch more porn than other women and I masturbate on the bare minimum, at least 3 times daily. But. Just because I do these things doesn’t mean I want my younger guys to give me a rough and tumble quickie all the time.


Use Your Cell For a Different Kind of Phone Sex 

I like the anticipation and the building of sexual tension that isn’t released until the end of the day. Edging, that path so heavily trodden my strokers, just ensures I’ll be more than ready to jump your bones when you walk through the door.  IF we indulge in some foreplay before we do the dirty. Since we live in a tech society, why not make use of the tools you already have? Like…sexting! It’s a favorite naughty activity of mine and rocks as a way to create and build the tension you want me to have. See the example below.


Sext Me Good and Hard!

Me: Talk dirty to me… I know you’re at work but  I’m horny…

Him:   I’m going to bend you over the bed and slide my cock all the way in that tight pussy…

Me: What happens if I want to suck it 1st?

Him: lol I won’t say stop silly-suck it like you wanna fuck it!

Me:  I’m totally wet thinking about it…Gawd I’m horny!

Him: Are you playing with your clit now?

Me: Duh…what do you think?

Him: You got me hard at work-thanks a lot

You ARE a cock tease

Him: Send me some pics to jack off with in the bthrm

Me: You’re going to come here after work-right?

Him: Duh…what do you think? lol


Do Me Nasty when You get Here…

“She wanted it in every way possible. Me on top, on all fours, we did cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, on the floor, against a wall…she was just totally insatiable.  I think she came around 10 times that night, and I know I came 4 times myself. Yeah… Cougars do it best.”

See? Works every time…;)