How far would you go prove your worth to a prospective Femdom Mistress?

For a new sub requesting My training, it can be daunting. You’ve shown Me how much you want to be considered as one of Mine. Tonight you get the chance to prove it. I’m wondering if your orgasm control will slip when tempted. Are you ready to play a little game?

Lead me not into cockteasing temptation

If you’ll be so kind as to open the one to my bedroom, you’ll see 3 hot women eyeing you. Don’t be shy, they’re waiting for you. I’m going to see what a good little sub you are, by letting them play your cock until it’s good and hard and slippery with precum. Then they each get a turn to do some cockteasing until you’re begging.


Time to tease that cock

I picked out the ones I knew turned you on most. Okay ladies, tonight’s try out is for you as well. You want to be my new subbies? Play with his cock and make him sweat. All of you get on those pretty knees of yours, wrap those lips around his cock and suck it for your Femdom Mistress. Nothing is off limits. Ready?


There’s just one rule here…don’t cum

I have one rule only. No cumming until I say. It’s tough, huh? Having 3 gorgeous women teasing your cock like they are and you oozing precum the way you are. You see,ย I made the ladies an offer. If they get you to cum, despite My telling you not to, they each get to use the new strap on I have here-on your ass. Isn’t it a great color of pink? And 10 inches should be enough to make you think twice about cumming no matter the stimulation.


Who do you think wins? The male sub to be, or the ladies 3?