Cum Sploshing With Me


Sweet and Sticky is Sploshing


“All hot, sticky and sweet…”

One of my favorite activities and one I don’t indulge in enough. Sploshing. Sploshing is the best of two pleasures in life. Food and sex. Having a food fight, preferably while naked, and…with sex is expected. Doesn’t get much better than . . . → Read More: Cum Sploshing With Me

Why it Tickles ME to Torment YOU


I’m throwing a Tickle Party and You are the Guest of Honor


“You’re at the mercy of my┬átickle fetish now…”

Yes, I’m perfectly aware that you’re naked and your luscious, inarguably fucktastic hot body is tied spread-eagle to my bed.

Who do you think got you that way?

Silly . . . → Read More: Why it Tickles ME to Torment YOU