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Mature Miss Vivian

Mature Women Know What To Do With a Slut Like You.


Greetings Lovers of Mature and sexy women!  I was out to lunch with my 20 something girl friends and we got to talking about what men want.  Mind you, I said Men – and not the whimpering losers with dirty ball caps on their heads, that seem to be a plague on the social scene. You know darlings that these lovely young ladies look to me for advice – even though it been decades since I trolled the bar scene.  It is quite different now…

Mature Isn’t A Number 

As my Daddy was fond of saying ….

You can’t catch trout in the Great South Bay.

In other words, if you want a mature man, then sucking down $1 beers where the college kids hang out, isn’t the way. Go where the bankers, lawyers and professors are at Happy Hour, and start flirting.  One doesn’t have to be a senior citizen to be mature, it is all about how a person conducts themselves in public. Even if everyone around you in glued to their EyePhones, a mature lady knows that casual conversation, is how you turly get to know someone – beyond social networks.

Times may change – but a confident and mature young lady – will always have her pick of the fishes.