Have you ever called a phone sex line in search of mature conversations? If so – I’m your MILF.  I can’t tell you how many things I’ve learned from many of you sexy Gents!

MILF Mistress Vivian Enjoys Mature Conversations

Intelligent & Mature Conversations

Not Every Phone Sex Call is Hump the Hostess 

Don’t be too surprised – I know how much you guys love to jerk your cock to the sound of my voice. You adore being instructed how and where to put your hands and encouraged to a rousting orgasm.  I’m with you on that one, when you moan and groan and call my name in passion, however …

Mature Conversations Can Be Very Sexy

Just this week, I had the pleasure of conversing with a East Coast caller who not only brightened up a rainy day, but left me thinking all day about this crazy world and how much it has changed.

Being as old as I am, there aren’t many subjects that if I can’t talk about. Even when it isn’t a topic I am well versed at – I adore learning new things. Over the past 9 years my callers and I have jibber jabbered about avionics, surfing. mechanical engineering and even farming.

A Good Conversation is Priceless

You may be the type of phone sex client whose focus is on his genitals – bless you horny dudes, but perhaps one dark and lonely night – you need more than your cock stimulated.

That’s the perfect time to tell the lovely dispatcher that you need a mature and understanding lady to chat with, and that lady – is me,  MILF Mistress Vivian.

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