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Will It Be? Sexy – Silly or Something Scary?

Will it be Sexy Silly or Scary

Howdy Y’all I’m having trouble choosing a costume this year – and can’t decide if it will be sexy, silly or scary. So here I am just 5 days before Halloween, and I want something NEW!

Help Your MILF Choose. Sexy Silly or Scary

With no . . . → Read More: Will It Be? Sexy – Silly or Something Scary?

Cuckold Emotions and Sex

Navigating The Tricky Currents

Ah…emotions…tricky little bastards, aren’t they? Even more tempestuous than…me! Emotions have got to be the most difficult to put words to and the easiest to identify with, but only after  having personally experiencing them…Cuckolds, such a virtual paradox of  conflicting feelings, because your mind tends to come down to reality . . . → Read More: Cuckold Emotions and Sex

Your MILF Mistresses’ New Look

You Found Your MILF


Howdy y’all, your MILF Mistress Vivian here to show off the start of YMM’s redesign. It was time to tidy up and hopefully improve the navigation. Site improvements will be on-going, so comments and suggestions are appreciated.

I’d like to thank our always-supportive Miss Cassidy from HelpMyCock for . . . → Read More: Your MILF Mistresses’ New Look