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What ever will Mistress Wear ?

Will it be Sexy Silly or Scary

Howdy Y’all I’m having trouble choosing a costume this year – and can’t decide if it will be sexy, silly or scary. So here I am just 5 days before Halloween, and I want something NEW!

Help Your MILF Choose. Sexy Silly or Scary

With no time to shop, I found a site that has DIY ideas and thought I’d toss it out to y’all, and see if any of them says – Vivian. So check out Cosmopolitan’s 28 Amazing DIY Costumes … cheap and easy 😉 like us. To help me out, just drop a comment with the # you would pick.

Halloween Party Tonight!

Starting at 9 PM Eastern, join Goddess Hannah for a Naughty Realm Halloween radio show. The theme is the roaring 20’s, and Miss Hannah has invited you to an out of the way mansion for an evening of debauchery. While there, the Guest of Honor is murdered! Jusztina from the House of Drăculești is found on the floor of her bedroom bloodied and without a pulse.

Tune into Cock Radio and join the live adult chat at Community Kink. Join the discussion on Enchantrix Empire