5 Things That Will Annoy Mistress

Are you a cheeky submissive who gets all mouthy, just to annoy Mistress? Pushing at an envelop, without a clue of the outcome. Testing Her patience, and believing in the delusion- that his behavior is endearing.
It’s a probable 12 to 7 he is WRONG.

A Thursday Throwback Presented by MILF Mistress Vivian

This is a Thursday Throwback goes way back and features one of my favorite YMM MILFs, Sloan. Imaginative and twisted, in both her writings and phonesex sessions. She was a stand-up gal, fun to tag team sluts with, and she is missed by many – but none more than me.

Here’s hoping wherever my favorite wing-gal may be, she is well and happy and controlling a new crop of naughty fellows.

Miss You Sloan!

You dare Annoy Mistress whiles She’s chillin?

Every Wonder What Will Annoy Mistress?

1. Words and phrases such as…”Quiddit!” “Ow!” and “I’m hiding that suction cup dildo when you leave” are not turn-ons.

2. Flipping the bird while your hands are cuffed behind you is a superbly bad idea. Milfs do have eyes in the back of their heads you know, and I will punish you for your crimes. Creatively and Cruelly.

3. “Bite me” is never an intelligent rebuttal. It will be taken literally. And as you didn’t specify as to where…

4. Showing your twisted sense of humor by yelling “Fire, fire, fire, fire!” during experimentation with candle wax is just rude.

5. Crossing your eyes, sticking your tongue out and making sarcastically obscene gestures behind the Milf’s back isn’t the wisest plan. Especially while your Superiors are discussing what their plans for how they will use you. It will haunt you.

(Dis)Honorable Mentions
• Neiner- Neiner- Neiner…
• Duh…
• That will not fit!
• You can’t make me!

If I may add a phrase that only the bravest of submissives would utter..
You hit like a girl!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s YMM Thursday Throwback. Drop a comment or share a memory, we adore hearing from you.

 HUGS! Milf Mistress Vivian 

8 comments to 5 Things That Will Annoy Mistress

  • magnus

    MsSloane, shame on any man who would do one of those things. If I had my hands cuffed behind my back, I might test the strength of the cuffs but rude gestures? No way. Why be submissive if you wish to displease? Does not compute.

    And as for “you can’t make me”, isn’t that the whole point? 🙂

  • hehehe (chuckles devilishly)
    But that’s the fun part magnus!
    Those that would think much less say aloud, those things to a Mistress?
    Oh boy…that’s when my ‘creative punishment‘ side comes out! 😉

    Yeah…I can’t see you flipping me the bird, but hey!
    I do tend to bring out the ‘best’ in people, who knows? LOL
    Oh and the whole “You can’t make me” part?…just eggs me on.
    I dare anyone feeling tough enough to try. 😉

    Ms Sloane

  • magnus

    Heh, Ms Sloane. For me, I’d rather receive the creative punishment for being a good boy instead of pissing off the Mistress. 🙂 That way, I’m suffering for her pleasure, not her ire.

    And I’ve no doubt you could do a good job of making me do whatever you like. 🙂

  • You know Me magnus….

    I’m good at being both creative and creatively bad! 🙂
    Though I would recommend, not that you haven’t grabbed the concept yet-
    that in My Femdom of Memphis…it’s much much more pleasurable to suffer for
    being good…Hit that nail on the head! 🙂

    Oh and yes…I’ve made grown men do things they would never believe possible
    because nobody does you like I do! 😉

  • magnus

    Ms Sloane, yes, I do know you and I’m definitely the better for it.

    A lot of what you said is what BDSM is all about for me. I’ve often gushed about my love of the power exchange. (No, really, magnus? When have you done that? :)) I like some pain, not a lot, but I do love how a friend put it of “suffering beautifully”. So while I may not like all the pain, I know I would like the submitting to the pain because it would also bring pleasure to the Mistress.

    Also, no doubt that no one does it like you, Ms Sloane. 😉

  • Yes magnus,

    Pain and pleasure and the intricate art of having that thin line between them,
    manipulated for the very best result is my turn on,
    my reason I love so much in life and why I demand perfectionism from myself.
    Your response (the positive type) to my manipulations IS what does it for Me. 🙂

  • magnus

    I think this is also why I prefer sensuous domination, Ms Sloane. Not that I mean strict or pain can’t be involved – it can. I mean though that I don’t understand being a bratty sub trying to piss off and do things to get punished. I’d want to experience that special D/s bond, that special intimacy of doing something to please. That’s what does it for me. 🙂

  • And for me magnus 🙂

    The yin yang, as it’s a never ending circle of satisfaction for all
    involved when that connection is there and the bond is right.


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