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Aging Mistresses Need Extra Special Care

Every Old Lady Needs a submissive pet

Last month, I slid quietly into a new phase of my life, and I accept that I am an Old Lady. Many of you will disagree with my choice of words, and I understand – old seems harsh and negative. I suppose you’d have to be a kinky old lady, to know how to use the old lady card, to your advantage

At 62, and despite a few aches and pains of aging, I still enjoy putting the leather to a sexy young man – even if I need a day to recover. 😉 My beloved submissive royboy and I have found all manner of D/s play in our 18 years together, modifying as life demands. Therein, lies the issue.

Growing Old Together

We stuffed a lot of living into our early 50’s, melding lifestyle with business, while road tripping across the US and Mexico. It takes planning, packing, and stamina to rock those many miles and still work large events successfully. Sadly, after five years of crazy good times, neither of us had the vigor to keep rolling down the highway.

Our team of two found a new direction, but it hasn’t stopped time from marching on. Yes, it can be frustrating – not having the energy to whip up 4 courses and not break a sweat, or need an 8-hour nap. Hell yes, Mistress gets all nervous, watching her old sub on the roof, trimming trees. Could there be a fix for this problem?

Every Old Lady Needs a Pet

No, I’m not talking about a schnauzer to tote around in my purse – no, this kinky senior citizen needs a submissive pet. A beta boy to push about, twist around my little finger and fuck with. While Roy is out at the airfield flying his handcrafted RC plane, The Dew – my pet will be serving and spoiling and begging for a 4th cummie of the day.

What a wonderful position it would be for a strong and obedient submissive, stepping and fetching for his old Mistress, while the Alpha bottom can become the hobby to his heart’s content. It would take an all-out search to find someone that special who would fit in.

Such is the reality of adding a servant to a BDSM Family, and not a quest possible for this old Fem Dom. Then last year, along came to a sexy new slut – sporting a pretty, pretty cock and need to Serve, care for and spoil a mature phone sex Mistress.

A Toast to My Pet

He was un-jaded, eager to please, and like most young men – hardheaded. With the patience of Job, I have guided him up from phone sex wanker to my precious pet. My goal for him, and all of you – is happiness. I know his Training will truly payoff when the right young lady comes along. If I could write a note to his future partners, it would say …

A kick in the balls a day … keeps the bad boy at bay.

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