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The Buffed Bitch Comes a Calling. How’s that for a title, huh? I hope you didn’t think your MILF Mistress had run for the hills, never to be heard from again! I do have to admit; it has been too long since I’ve sat down to write.
However, that isn’t because there isn’t anything interesting to write about. No, last month was great fun on the phones, just been – cozy and yes, even a little lazy. A hard working ole gal, like myself – deserves a break every decade or so.

Video Cam Sessions – Taking it Up a Notch

I count myself as fortunate; quite a few handsome and interesting men have shown off on Skype for me. One big turn-on for me in a video cam session is the first time, which first peeks at my victim – er – client. Even if we already know each other via voice sessions, it is exciting to find out, if the picture I have of you in my mind, comes anywhere near close to the reality.

Adding a Hard Bodied Hunk to the Slut Stable

It never ceases to amaze me, the parade of humankind that has crossed my computer screen. I’ve come to expect surprises; dicks no bigger than my thumb, full-bearded men dressed in their wife’s Sunday best, or a top 10 favorite of mine, the self-sucking slut.

Then there is the once in a blue moon surprise, like hunky LI Mikey. Pretty enough to make a jaded MILF’s pussy twitch, his fate was sealed, when he flexed his tight ass. This buffed bitch could fit right in. It would be a tight fit too. 😉

What To Do With a Buffed Bitch?

So impressed with his long fat cock and eager to please attitude, he’s already had the pleasure and privilege of being tag-team Topped. Miss Kelli and I put the slut through his paces, teasing and edging, ordering him to pop his guns, and pose. He was accommodating and pleasing – he made me proud.

How about you? Think you could strut your stuff for a mature Mistress, and make her clap her hands in delight. Give in to your need to please, call 1-800-356-6169 and arrange a Skype session with mistress_vivian.