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It cums But Once a Year! Celebrate #MasturbationMay

Pull Out Your Pickles! Its Masturbation May

It has cum, at last, the one month a year, when you have better odds that your LDW Mistress, will allow you to finish what She started.

Masturbation May 2017

Since I am The Empress of Happy Endings, #MM 2017 is going to all about quantity, not quality. Come on admit it – some days, you just want to crank one out for someone who won’t judge your proclivities or call you a pervert.

Play Pull Your Pickle

With the entire Enchantrix Empire buzzing and blogging, I’ve been plotting –er- pondering what fun twist I could add to Masturbation May 2017. Of course, it has to be amusing and entertaining, and with a goal for you fellows to -ah hem- shoot for. Your old Mistress knows so many compulsive masturbators, who pull it twice a day, morning and night. It’s almost medicinal.

All those nuts you bust, really do add up fast! So, I’m going to use that “not fake” fact and have a little friendly competition. Would you like to play Pull Your Pickle?
It’s ever so simple:

• Call MILF Mistress Vivian @1-800-815-3705
• Announce you are playing & your special Pickle Nick will be added to the tally sheet
• Every time you blow a verified load, points will be added to your tally
• Power pumping permitted for extra points

Verification methods:

• Skype session
• Picture proof

Psst ..   Are you cum guzzler? Request the 4 layer cum shot sessions and Pump Up your points

Masturbation May = Mass Quantities

Oh, how delightful for an Empress who adores man sluts who cum over and over, until fully drained, or semi-conscious. ~wiggle~ The tally sheets will be posted here on YMM & the fun begins – TODAY @ dark `o clock.

Who will pull their pickles the most, top the PYP Leader Board and win Bragging Rights? Dunno .. but I’m betting he’s ambidextrous.

Listen to Your MILF Mistress Vivian

Let the games begin. You are welcome to email to pre-arrange Skype sessions.