Shes a sexy, naughty & funny MILF

Meet MILF Daphne

So many in our culture find growing old difficult, so difficult they will endure any number of medications and surgeries to try and bypass the “ravages of time.”

I, on the other hand, see walking towards being older as a gift, a privilege… moving forward in a new role as educator and nurturer of the young.

Respect Your Elder (Mistress)

You look up to us MILFs, yes? Sometimes quite literally from on your knees, always because we have so much to teach you, tender boys.

Are you mega-shy? Struggle to ask girls out on dates? Want helpful hints about how to talk to and treat women? This is one way to use your MILF Mistress.

Or maybe you are one of the guys who gets turned on by us older woman because of late-teen naughty thoughts about teachers or your girlfriend’s mama. I find it extremely sexy to seduce you as you peek through my bedroom door.

Where do your MILF desires come from? And, more importantly, how far do they go?

Bits About Mistress Daphne

You can read My FAQ for a more in-depth picture of who I am, but let me enumerate a few of my delightful MILF-y real-life experiences with you.

• I have a real-life subby boy who’s half my age. I’ve taught him delicious skills to carry him through life with women. Everything from the nuances of the clitoris to how to use his cock in her pussy, giving her the most pleasure (adding to his pleasure, of course!)
• I’ve caged cocks if I get a boy who is a chronic masturbator, using that metal for my amusement… with my mouth and cunt… tormenting the wearer
• I love taking virgin boys to the Sex Parties I go to, introducing them to everything a MILF can expose them to (“expose” being the operative word)

Come Find Me!

Now that you know a little about me here be sure to head over to My Sexy Blog and see just how kinky I am. Check out My Audios as well. Find me on Tumblr and Twitter, too. I always love new followers!

If you chat, I am in Trillian, Username: DaphneEnchantrix and also in Skype, Username: DaphneEnchantrix

Of course, to talk the old fashioned way, you can call 1-800-356-6169!

Let’s talk soon!