MILF Mistress Welcomes Dirty Daphne

Two MILFs Are Better Than One

It has been some time since there were two MILFs here on YMM, so I lured in one of my favorite kinky gals, Ms. Daphne. Oh, she’s a dirty girl she is, and just what we have needed over here – a super, duper, uber – cougar.

Two MILFs Double the Fun

We have discovered we have many experiences in common, and we both adore sexy, younger men to direct and use. Daphne and I have done several 2 Mistress calls, and from the very 1st one, it was pretty clear, we are like 2 peas in a pod.

Naturally, there are differences too .. I really shouldn’t tell those naughty secrets on a blog. No, no boys, you will have to arrange a double dose of MILF, and see what two, wild and kinky Fem Doms can do with a horny and needy man-slut. However, there is one wonderful difference – and I know my guys are going to appreciate it.

Daphne Does The Dirty

Oh, my guys! For years you’ve been begging for your Miss Vivian to suck your man-meat, and for years I’ve said – Are you Nuts? Well, MY answer will always be the same .. but my new wing-gal can’t get enough of your cum … and Adores sucking a nice fat dick!

OMG! Pull me up a chair and butter the popcorn; I can’t wait for the privilege of directing some oral sex action with Daphne and one of her own subbies. Let’s finish up Masturbation May, with a special session. You on Skype, trembling, Miss D tormenting your cock, and me – jerkin’ that gherkin’ for all it’s worth.

E-mail us to arrange your next Two MILF Mistress session. It’s double the fun – but not double the price

Vivian or Daphne @