Pursuing a Mature Mistress

We older women, especially a  mature Mistress, can absolutely see you when you are checking us out, thinking you are being slick looking us up and down at the grocery store or the restaurant.

Wrinkles of a Mature Mistress

I can feel your eyes on my face, nearly counting the crinkles I carry . . . → Read More: Pursuing a Mature Mistress

Admiring Your MILF Mistress

You’ve been watching one the MILF Mistresses for awhile, admiring Her words, maybe even speaking to Her on the phone… where do you go from here?

Express Yourself

Mistresses love hearing from those who are watching, either closely or from afar.

Ideas of how to tell your MILF Mistress you are there, observing . . . → Read More: Admiring Your MILF Mistress

From Slut in Training to Precious Pet

Guiding a submissive in training, to his ultimate goal can be a very long journey. The road to the title of precious pet, can be a bumpy one – even for the most eager and willing. It takes a special person to put their ego aside, to serve Mistress – as she directs, . . . → Read More: From Slut in Training to Precious Pet