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Mature Cross-dressers Just Want to Have Fun

Mature Cross-dressers might think that as they get older, it is more difficult to present themselves as a beautiful woman. I have to disagree, those who have been dressing for decades might just need a new perspective of what looks the best on a changing body. There comes a time in every gal’s life; she has to step back – further from the mirror and see the whole picture.

Mature Cross-dressers, What is in Your Closet?

If yours is anything like mine, you can see the passage of time throughout my wardrobe. The years I had to dress for sales, simple and classic, but now the hem looks a few inches too short. You’d see several skirts and blouses from the 70’s when I went through my gypsy phase, and of course a few pair of well-worn bell-bottoms.

Yes, everything still fits, with few exceptions – but that doesn’t mean I should wear them unless it’s a Disco retro party. Sure it’s been said, that everything old, is new again – but that doesn’t include my more mature body. One must adjust if one wants to fit in. Would you agree?

Just One of The Girls

It is such a delight when I get to connect with a cross-dressing male, which is near my age and in need of advice. I’ve had to change styles to fit the worlds I’ve worked in, and my closet has everything from pretty cocktail dresses, to leather corsets.

What I have learned from the years of speaking with every type of crossdresser, is at some age, they would just like to meld in, and be just one of the girls. For the mature ladies, that might mean putting aside the sissy slut wear for a kinky weekend party, and take a harder look at your casual pieces.

Tossing Out the Glitter

Presenting yourself as your genuine age could also mean it is time to go through your cosmetics too. Using frosted makeup, heavy black eye-liner or too bright blush will only add years to your pretty face – when at our age, less really is more.

Have you been searching for an older FemDom who understands how to grow old gracefully? Would you like an honest assessment of your clothing style or tips on cosmetic choices and application? Your MILF Mistress Vivian is here to be your fashion guide and sexy confident.