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Know Your MILFs

Why Do Men Seek Out Older Women?

Men come to me because they are searching for experience with all the soft contours that maturity brings. Sure, I know I’m still hot, I work at it hard to stay in shape and I’m pleased I still fit perfectly in a size 12, the same as I did 20 years ago.

I know men; especially those that love to jerk their cocks for the amusement of a Superior and Mature Woman. I know all the little tricks you have, all the different strokes, all the ways to make a cock stand up and throb. Most of all, I know your wanking habits, and I love to hear you groan my name when you shoot that pent up load of jizz.

Come closer and let me tell you about my favorite kind of call, the ones when you wake up diddling your dick, and thinking about that sexy next-door neighbor and needing your MILF in the morning.

Got Wood? MILFs Know

Tell the truth. When the scraps of your dreams slip away and your cock wakes up before you do, you wish there was a warm and soft hand – bringing you to your senses, instead of your own calloused palm.

Your whole life, since that first Morning Wood – you lie in bed and try to pull back those nasty thoughts that got your meat throbbing. You push back the inbred guilt and toss one off, just to get your mind off of it.

Even when you are out of town on business, you pound it quick and quiet, dumping your load into a discarded sock, or blown into last night’s room service tray- grunting low, because you know the hotel walls are thin, and your voice carries.

The Frustrating Cycle of Dick Jerking

It can be a frustrating cycle, jerking every morning and itching for more by lunch. Don’t despair darling, you can start your day off Just Right – with a Morning Wood Call. No more spending too much time in bed, all alone- trying to crank one out, just to get your ass in gear, when you can arrange for an erotic beginning to your stress-filled days?

You’ll be energized and hit the floor running and ready to face the day after an erotic phone session with a mature and understanding MILF Mistress.