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3 Gifts Any Cougar Or Milf Will Love


Cougar and Milf Gift Giving Doesn’t Have To Be Hard



Younger guys always procrastinate

It’s crunch time, do you know what you’re planning on giving to your Cougar? Lemme guess…would that sucking sound I hear be your ass puckering? Did you just realize that you’ve forgotten the Milf who rocks . . . → Read More: 3 Gifts Any Cougar Or Milf Will Love

Why Milf?

Milfs Have GOOD sex!

Mrs. Robinson, I’m not…

I often get asked why I like being a Milf so much. When a lifestyle femdom hits her 30’s and some young stud comes along, makes you feel something that you haven’t felt for a long time, that luscious rush of desire, reawakened and ravenous, in a conversation that . . . → Read More: Why Milf?

Handy Dandy Milf Handbook

Milf Mistress

Does Your Stud Have the Wham Bam Mentality?

Such a hot combination, a Milf and a college age twenty something. They are an entirely different species and once you train them, a lot of fun! Think quick recovery time, wild imaginations, no sexual ruts. Here are some beginner basics for Milfs . . . → Read More: Handy Dandy Milf Handbook

A Hot Cougar’s Request

   The Smell of Fresh Meat

I’m still a very attractive woman even though I’m 10 years older than you. I take care to keep myself healthy and it shows. Introducing myself as the new single tenant that now lives below you, I see your blush when you realize that the sounds of your . . . → Read More: A Hot Cougar’s Request

Erotic Dreams and Sex Drives


Guess What I've Been Up To?



I enjoyed a really naughty dirty dream while allowing myself the luxury of sleeping later than usual this morning. The result being that I awoke aroused and wet, craving the need to indulge in some…time for relief. As I did, I let my . . . → Read More: Erotic Dreams and Sex Drives

Milf Mistress Loses a Bet

Pride Goeth…

It started so innocently, the bet made on a whim, on a rainy day filled with boredom and…trouble. How was I to know that it was gonna be one of those days? No clue, no warning, no…nothing. The fateful bet was placed on a damn pool game of all things, and I had . . . → Read More: Milf Mistress Loses a Bet

Slip Into The Wetness of Milf

                                                                        Sex For Your Ear                             . . . → Read More: Slip Into The Wetness of Milf

New Year New You New Kink

You Decide-Cuckold, Feminization, Stroker Games!

New year, new you, new leaf. What do you want to explore? Yes, you! Such an exciting time, the new year, when it’s all still fresh and new and just aching to be toyed with! Hmmm…Sex toys….Yes, familiar ground and one I do so love to trod upon . . . → Read More: New Year New You New Kink