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What We Have Heah…Is Failure…To Ejaculate

Strokers Start Your…Engines?! What? Wait…



Gentlemen…Start Your Engines

Yes indeedy~I’m bbackk and I’m in one hellacious I want to hear you moan my name kind of mood. After a relatively dry, think absolutely mind numbing, beat my head on the nearest wall, while giggling hysterically because I (sing it with me . . . → Read More: What We Have Heah…Is Failure…To Ejaculate

The Many Merits of a MILF

So you have been wondering what some of the merits of a MILF Mistress are. I don’t blame you, after all. Most males tend to think of the younger ladies, as superior to their elders. They are wrong, though.

Is It More Than Experience?

You see, an older woman generally has more experience with . . . → Read More: The Many Merits of a MILF

Erotic Dreams and Sex Drives


Guess What I've Been Up To?



I enjoyed a really naughty dirty dream while allowing myself the luxury of sleeping later than usual this morning. The result being that I awoke aroused and wet, craving the need to indulge in some…time for relief. As I did, I let my . . . → Read More: Erotic Dreams and Sex Drives

SmallDickitis is a BIG Problem

Small Cocks are a BIG Problem!

Attention Small Cock Sufferers!

Attention! Do you have a small cock? A teeny weenie? Do you suffer from Smalldickatosis? Have you been asked that terrible question…’Is it in yet?” Take heart,  this  is for you! Coming soon, to a phone near you…Mistress Sloane’s Small Cock Support! Small Dickery . . . → Read More: SmallDickitis is a BIG Problem

Speak Knk Code

Knk Speak on the DL

Do You Speak Knk?

Much as it chaps my ass, prudence is necessary at times. Learning Knk Speak can smooth the way, lessen your chances of pulling a boner, and does add some zest to real everyday life. Read and learn.

“Oh I’m sorry. I’m missionary style-incompatible. Highly . . . → Read More: Speak Knk Code

Chastity is Good For Your Naughty Cock

Chastity Slut Training is a Tough Job But…                          

Cock Locked Up For Safe Keeping

I pumped your face all that long night and bathed you in my juices regularly. I am considerate, letting you rest and catch your wind, though . . . → Read More: Chastity is Good For Your Naughty Cock

Introduction To Chastity

My Plan Was Diabolical and Fun                                                                           

To your little mind, the naughty Milf phone sex sessions with . . . → Read More: Introduction To Chastity

ASSume The Position

You've Been a Naughty Stroker Boy!

   You’ve Been a Bad Boy…

You’ve been a very naughty boy, haven’t you? Stroking your cock without me. That’s not very nice, is it? You know I want to be around when you jerk off, it’s the voyeur in me-I love to watch! I’m going to . . . → Read More: ASSume The Position

Kinky Resolutions

Time To Get Down To It

Did you make it through your New Year celebration alive and intact? Good! It’s time to make those resolutions! What? No resolutions? Why not?! That’s part of the fun! Oh! Wait…You think I meant, oh no, no darling! I mean your KINK Resolutions! Ah…better isn’t it? I thought . . . → Read More: Kinky Resolutions

Sex Starved Milf Rampages Memphis

I Wanted To PLAY!

I’m Not Amused

To say that my holiday was enjoyable is like hearing someone tell you that going to the oral surgeon to get all of their teeth yanked out was a blast, fun, wanna do it all again! In short? I’m not amused.

Out here in the country, . . . → Read More: Sex Starved Milf Rampages Memphis