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Spice Your Sex Life 2: Porn Queens And Better Cock Sucking Skills

Time To Shine Sexy!


If You Live in this World, You’re Gonna Get the Shaft anyway…

Part 2 of Spice Your Sex Life is about inner porn queens and better cock sucking skills for all of my cock sluts out there, this one is for you.

Want to improve your cock . . . → Read More: Spice Your Sex Life 2: Porn Queens And Better Cock Sucking Skills

Your Naughty Secret Exposed


I found Your Naughty Box…

I found a box on the highest shelf in the back of the closet. Curious, I picked it up and sat it down on the bed. It wasn’t labeled in my writing and I didn’t recognize it. Opening the lid, I could see a red┬ásilky teddy and . . . → Read More: Your Naughty Secret Exposed

Femdom Cougars

I Always Get My Man

Challenging Your Concepts of What A Femdom Cougar Is

Why? It’s what I do and I do it well. I’m here to use my experience as both a real life cougar and online femdom mistress and breathe life into the erotic fantasy of your making. You opened that . . . → Read More: Femdom Cougars

New Year New You New Kink

You Decide-Cuckold, Feminization, Stroker Games!

New year, new you, new leaf. What do you want to explore? Yes, you! Such an exciting time, the new year, when it’s all still fresh and new and just aching to be toyed with! Hmmm…Sex toys….Yes, familiar ground and one I do so love to trod upon . . . → Read More: New Year New You New Kink