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MILF? GILF? What Does It Mean?

Hello MILF Fans!  Sure sure, I know what MILF and GILF stands for, but I’m way past my M days, and doubt I’ll ever be a G – so what do they really mean?

What Do Those 4 Letters Really Mean?

Lets be real, after all I speak with horny men all day long, and . . . → Read More: MILF? GILF? What Does It Mean?

The Many Merits of a MILF

So you have been wondering what some of the merits of a MILF Mistress are. I don’t blame you, after all. Most males tend to think of the younger ladies, as superior to their elders. They are wrong, though.

Is It More Than Experience?

You see, an older woman generally has more experience with . . . → Read More: The Many Merits of a MILF

A Box Of Naughty Delights

Everyone needs a naughty box in their life!


Have Toys, will Travel

Okay, so the term’ naughty box’  is used loosely, at least with regards to me. My box is more of a suitcase with wheels. I firmly believe you just simply can’t go wrong with the addition of a sex toy . . . → Read More: A Box Of Naughty Delights

Femdom Cougars

I Always Get My Man

Challenging Your Concepts of What A Femdom Cougar Is

Why? It’s what I do and I do it well. I’m here to use my experience as both a real life cougar and online femdom mistress and breathe life into the erotic fantasy of your making. You opened that . . . → Read More: Femdom Cougars

A Cougar, Her Panties, And A Young Stroker

Cougar Sex Ed

“I want to tease you a little tonight, but you will cum very hard for me.”

I have you strip down nothing in front of  me and just to feed my never ending Cougar and femdom mistress desires, I slowly take off  my bra and then my panties. They are . . . → Read More: A Cougar, Her Panties, And A Young Stroker

Proving Your Devotion

  If you’re the kind of man who’s ever looked through a women’s magazine, then you’ve probably seen some of those “How to Improve Your Sex Life” articles. Those things never give any really useful advice. Mostly, they just recycle the same 5 or 6 “tips” every few months to make them look like . . . → Read More: Proving Your Devotion

Room With A View

Naughty Stroker

I always feel like; somebody’s watchin’ me…

I have a new neighbor. I know, because his dog and mine have had several disagreements over territory. And…you haven’t put curtains up yet. Nor do you realize that in addition to these facts, that I also know you watch me at night. Hard to hide the sheen . . . → Read More: Room With A View

Hot Milf Pick Your Own Fantasy Adventure

When we left off, the young man who had knocked on my door had just come in… “As he brushed by me, he brought with him the scent of fresh air and of the rain to come. Looks like my playmate just arrived…”


 Fantasy Number One by kneel

Sensuality IS Southern

As . . . → Read More: Hot Milf Pick Your Own Fantasy Adventure

A Hot Cougar’s Request

   The Smell of Fresh Meat

I’m still a very attractive woman even though I’m 10 years older than you. I take care to keep myself healthy and it shows. Introducing myself as the new single tenant that now lives below you, I see your blush when you realize that the sounds of your . . . → Read More: A Hot Cougar’s Request

Office Sex and a Lusty Cougar’s Boy Toy

Let's Get Naughty!

Do You Like Your Job?

The conference room on the second floor was open and quiet after the sounds of the office floor. You enter hesitantly, wondering why the boss lady had called you in. Sitting at the head of the long table on the other end of the room, . . . → Read More: Office Sex and a Lusty Cougar’s Boy Toy