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Milf Mistress Loses a Bet

Pride Goeth…

It started so innocently, the bet made on a whim, on a rainy day filled with boredom and…trouble. How was I to know that it was gonna be one of those days? No clue, no warning, no…nothing. The fateful bet was placed on a damn pool game of all things, and I had . . . → Read More: Milf Mistress Loses a Bet

The Milf Mistress and A Cuckold Sissy To Be

                                Yesterday Was A Mistake…Sorta                       

An Apology and a Cuckold Set Up?

It’s not like I woke with the diabolical plan in my head to almost . . . → Read More: The Milf Mistress and A Cuckold Sissy To Be

SmallDickitis is a BIG Problem

Small Cocks are a BIG Problem!

Attention Small Cock Sufferers!

Attention! Do you have a small cock? A teeny weenie? Do you suffer from Smalldickatosis? Have you been asked that terrible question…’Is it in yet?” Take heart,  this  is for you! Coming soon, to a phone near you…Mistress Sloane’s Small Cock Support! Small Dickery . . . → Read More: SmallDickitis is a BIG Problem

BDSM Sex Toy Help Line

How Can I Help Your BDSM Phone Sex Issue Today?

 A Whole New Support System-It Could Happen!

I was thinking how nice it might be if there were a BDSM sex toy help line out there, like the tech support we (I) always have to call because my laptop has issues (it conspires . . . → Read More: BDSM Sex Toy Help Line

Speak Knk Code

Knk Speak on the DL

Do You Speak Knk?

Much as it chaps my ass, prudence is necessary at times. Learning Knk Speak can smooth the way, lessen your chances of pulling a boner, and does add some zest to real everyday life. Read and learn.

“Oh I’m sorry. I’m missionary style-incompatible. Highly . . . → Read More: Speak Knk Code