A Box Of Naughty Delights

Everyone needs a naughty box in their life!


Have Toys, will Travel

Okay, so the term’ naughty box’  is used loosely, at least with regards to me. My box is more of a suitcase with wheels. I firmly believe you just simply can’t go wrong with the addition of a sex toy . . . → Read More: A Box Of Naughty Delights

Femdom Cougars

I Always Get My Man

Challenging Your Concepts of What A Femdom Cougar Is

Why? It’s what I do and I do it well. I’m here to use my experience as both a real life cougar and online femdom mistress and breathe life into the erotic fantasy of your making. You opened that . . . → Read More: Femdom Cougars

Room With A View

Naughty Stroker

I always feel like; somebody’s watchin’ me…

I have a new neighbor. I know, because his dog and mine have had several disagreements over territory. And…you haven’t put curtains up yet. Nor do you realize that in addition to these facts, that I also know you watch me at night. Hard to hide the sheen . . . → Read More: Room With A View

A Hot Cougar’s Request

   The Smell of Fresh Meat

I’m still a very attractive woman even though I’m 10 years older than you. I take care to keep myself healthy and it shows. Introducing myself as the new single tenant that now lives below you, I see your blush when you realize that the sounds of your . . . → Read More: A Hot Cougar’s Request

Kinky Resolutions

Time To Get Down To It

Did you make it through your New Year celebration alive and intact? Good! It’s time to make those resolutions! What? No resolutions? Why not?! That’s part of the fun! Oh! Wait…You think I meant, oh no, no darling! I mean your KINK Resolutions! Ah…better isn’t it? I thought . . . → Read More: Kinky Resolutions

Sex Starved Milf Rampages Memphis

I Wanted To PLAY!

I’m Not Amused

To say that my holiday was enjoyable is like hearing someone tell you that going to the oral surgeon to get all of their teeth yanked out was a blast, fun, wanna do it all again! In short? I’m not amused.

Out here in the country, . . . → Read More: Sex Starved Milf Rampages Memphis

The Milf Way

Hi there! My name is Sloane and I’m one of the new-er Milf Mistresses at LDW. Milfs have sooo much fun, don’t they? I really enjoy a younger man, who has grown up enough to understand that sex is more fun than video games, has quick recovery time,  and is willing to take instruction. . . . → Read More: The Milf Way

You Aren’t OLD Till You Stop Having FUN!

Believe it or not, gents – a young man barely over the age of consent – said that to me. You aren’t old, till you stop having fun. His words were so simple and on point, I resisted the urge Pop his cute mouth, for speaking – when he should be focused on my weary feet, . . . → Read More: You Aren’t OLD Till You Stop Having FUN!