5 Things That Will Annoy Mistress

Miss You Sloan!

Are you a cheeky submissive who gets all mouthy, just to annoy Mistress? Pushing at an envelop, without a clue of the outcome. Testing Her patience, and believing in the delusion- that his behavior is endearing. It’s a probable 12 to 7 he is WRONG.

A Thursday Throwback Presented by MILF Mistress Vivian

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Office Sex and a Lusty Cougar’s Boy Toy

Let's Get Naughty!

Do You Like Your Job?

The conference room on the second floor was open and quiet after the sounds of the office floor. You enter hesitantly, wondering why the boss lady had called you in. Sitting at the head of the long table on the other end of the room, . . . → Read More: Office Sex and a Lusty Cougar’s Boy Toy

Max and the MILF

Happy May everyone! Get your glad rag ready, I’m going to kick off the merry month of May, by sharing a favorite MILF erotic story from my files.

Max & The MILF

Pauline could easily be described as a ‘mature woman’, or to the lusty eye, a MILF. She had lost her husband . . . → Read More: Max and the MILF