Sexy Gents and Mature Conversations

Have you ever called a phone sex line in search of mature conversations? If so – I’m your MILF.  I can’t tell you how many things I’ve learned from many of you sexy Gents!

Intelligent & Mature Conversations

Not Every Phone Sex Call is Hump the Hostess 

Don’t be too surprised – I know how much . . . → Read More: Sexy Gents and Mature Conversations

What’s Up With All the Cocksuckers?


A bright good morning pets! It’s another lHOT day in the Lone Star State. Hard to believe it is Wednesday already – this week is just flying by so quickly – but that’s always the way, when you are a busy Erotic Phone Sex Mistress. You boys have been keeping me hopping . . . → Read More: What’s Up With All the Cocksuckers?

A Hot Cougar’s Request

   The Smell of Fresh Meat

I’m still a very attractive woman even though I’m 10 years older than you. I take care to keep myself healthy and it shows. Introducing myself as the new single tenant that now lives below you, I see your blush when you realize that the sounds of your . . . → Read More: A Hot Cougar’s Request

Erotic Dreams and Sex Drives


Guess What I've Been Up To?



I enjoyed a really naughty dirty dream while allowing myself the luxury of sleeping later than usual this morning. The result being that I awoke aroused and wet, craving the need to indulge in some…time for relief. As I did, I let my . . . → Read More: Erotic Dreams and Sex Drives

Milf Mistress Loses a Bet

Pride Goeth…

It started so innocently, the bet made on a whim, on a rainy day filled with boredom and…trouble. How was I to know that it was gonna be one of those days? No clue, no warning, no…nothing. The fateful bet was placed on a damn pool game of all things, and I had . . . → Read More: Milf Mistress Loses a Bet

Speak Knk Code

Knk Speak on the DL

Do You Speak Knk?

Much as it chaps my ass, prudence is necessary at times. Learning Knk Speak can smooth the way, lessen your chances of pulling a boner, and does add some zest to real everyday life. Read and learn.

“Oh I’m sorry. I’m missionary style-incompatible. Highly . . . → Read More: Speak Knk Code

Penile Bondage My Chastity Slut

Penile Lock Down

“Tonight, my chastity slut in training, you won’t be able to cum.”

Instead, your job is to service me all night. Tomorrow I might unlock  you to cum, if and only if, you do well tonight.  I leave you for awhile to stew over your predicament. Locked up in chastity and . . . → Read More: Penile Bondage My Chastity Slut

Milf Style and Sex Toys

Milfs just have fun. You know this by now. So…what if I were to take you by the hand, my hot young stud and show you other ways to enhance what you may already think is the best orgasms you have? Do you trust me? You should, after all, have I yet to lead . . . → Read More: Milf Style and Sex Toys

Stroke It For Ms. Sloane

As I became more and more true to myself and did what I wanted with whom I wanted and the hot Milf you see before you came into existence, I realized that one of my favorite pleasures was to watch a man stroke for me. Sound weird? Bear with me, I’ll explain.

I’m sure . . . → Read More: Stroke It For Ms. Sloane

The Milf Way

Hi there! My name is Sloane and I’m one of the new-er Milf Mistresses at LDW. Milfs have sooo much fun, don’t they? I really enjoy a younger man, who has grown up enough to understand that sex is more fun than video games, has quick recovery time,  and is willing to take instruction. . . . → Read More: The Milf Way