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Real World Advice


Hey there, fellas.  Seeking that special someone?  The person who will listen to your darkest fears and brightest joys?  That woman who will brighten your path in life with her warm words as you walk along?  Want that wonderful, one-of-a-kind experience that you can only get with the right sort of lady? 

An Older and Wiser Woman 

Well then, you have certainly come to the right place. Your MILF MistressI care about each and every single one of you who call me.  I know that I am not simply providing a small service, but helping fulfill your deepest needs.  And in doing so, I’m also fulfilling some of my own because I just don’t feel right without having a gentleman or two in my life who are in need of guidance from yours truly.

When Wisdom Is Needed

I’m here to revel in your accomplishments with you, and to scold you when you fall out of line.  I just want to help keep you on the right track, towards a happy life.  Sometimes that requires a gentler hand and sometimes a firmer one.  But either way, you can be sure that you’ll get the sort of direction that you need.  After all, who better to give you advice and keep your spirits up than a MILF with plenty of life experience?

Nervous? A MILF Mistress Knows How to Put You at Ease

Don’t feel anxious about whether you should talk or not.  Don’t worry about your fears and doubts.  Don’t worry about anything.  You can confess it all to me, and then I’ll decide what we should do with it…together.  That’s the best way to handle anything, in my book.  Two heads are always better than one. 

What’s your pleasure? Orgasm control, guided masturbation, cuckold fantasies or just friendly conversation? Those and many other sexy services can be yours in your next phone sex session

I look forward to talking with you soon.