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What’s Your Pleasure Young or Mature MILFs?

When I say Sexy MILFs, what comes to your mind, youth or experience? MILFs aren’t always mature and experienced; they can also be as young as springtime. A fine example is the lovely Helen Mirren, pictured here in 1969!

Do sexy MILFs have to be older? Not always.

Many of the gents I speak to always request an older Erotic Entertainer. What I have found most interesting is that the callers’ ages range from 18 to 80, also. Young men seem to be searching for both the guidance of a maternal woman and someone he can show off his youth to.

Sexy MILFs at a Mature Age

The Dame @ 64

When older men call for a Mature MILF, he knows he will be speaking to a contemporary, someone closer to his age. He is looking for the person he can confide in and who shares a common history. More than likely, he’s always dated women older than himself.

Grow older gracefully.

One of my favorite quotes about aging is,  “Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.”
In just two sentences, Robert Browning imparts the excitement of a relationship when one grows older.

I can’t think of another woman who is the very picture of growing older gracefully than Dame Helen Mirren.  She is full of life, in demand on both sides of the pond, and exceptionally beautiful. I can only imagine what a Ladies’ Lunch with her would be like.

What about you, dear readers? Youth or Experience?  Go on and take the POLL!
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