I love to teach submissive younger men how to be a good servant to a mature dominant woman. These days, younger men are more than open to the wisdom of the experienced Goddess. Meet your trainer, your Goddess Cassandra.

I am an experienced Goddess who has the sensual charisma in the dungeon. You will have the endurance to please me in every way. You will need to learn the art of sustaining your orgasm as I teach you the art of tease and denial. You will learn the art of body worship and much more. Every limb is important as I sit on your face demanding your focus and attention. I tease you with my feet to orgasm and take it away at the very last minute.

You learn to be humble in my presence as I guide the way to that dungeon. You are a good boy, now get on your knees and show me your cock that I will own and train. You lose your immature manner and never top from the bottom with a superior manly attitude. I am the superior because you asked for it, now abide and do as you are told.

If I find you are worthy, I will collar you and bring you along to a play club, showing you off to my Mistress friends. I imagine you on the St Andrew’s cross being played with by the Mistresses. How proud I am of having a young and handsome well-trained boy on a collar and leash. You will demonstrate your control and all that I have taught you. You will make me proud. You will earn an orgasm

My philosophy is to control the cock, control the boy either in chastity or through simple discipline. Doing a phone sex session with me will prepare you for your future MILF Mistress to come. I know you are shy, but I will break you of that making you confident to serve a hot MILF Mistress like myself.

Mistress Cassandra

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