MILF mistress CassandraHow does a MILF meet a “subject”? Yes, we call you subjects as you are in our Queendom of MILF! A subject loves older women and we are available anywhere. In Los Angeles, there was a MILF bar in Hollywood I would frequent. Anyone over 30 is a MILF and I would have Martinis there up until I left that ever-changing city getting weirder and weirder.

These subjects were mainly fortune hunters in the acting field looking for a meal ticket to support them with their ambitions of being discovered. Unfortunately for them, this was the wrong hunting ground for meal tickets. We are aware and looking for subjects that truly love the sweet mature pussy.

I’m not crazy about the pickings in Arizona, but I always just hang out having a martini at a bar in Old Town Cottonwood expecting the unexpected. Guys come up and it’s a no thank you or have seat. If it’s have a seat, he is going to be younger, sexier, and interested in interesting women. After another martini, I will decide if I take him home. It is me who decides, always. I am a dominate MILF.

My newest conquest is an artist, not a cowboy. He’s 29 years old, well built, and virile. His cock is large as I like it, a big 10” fat cock that works and fucks good and for a long time. He walked up to me at the bar and after 30 min I grabbed his cock. It was big and it was hard. This meant this boy was good pickings.

It doesn’t always end up this way, but it’s easy. I just sit there and accept or reject. MILF is coming into our own now. Young men know what’s good. If they are worthy of me, they are lucky.

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