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We know how much you love to hear our voices … but you may not know where to find all our sexy samples. That just won’t do! 

Where to Find Our Free Audio Samples

All of the Empresses of the Enchantrix Empire manage their own blogs, each post and page fashioned by themselves personally.  

LDW Blog Roll

Look to the right –> in the side bar is a full list of our Mistress’ personal blogs for you to peruse. Start at the blogs’ Top Navigation Bar where you will find each Mistress’ pertinent information, such as call schedules, contact details, and yes – samples of our sexy voices.

Tease Mania Forum 

Check out 100’s of FREE naughty audios by your favorite Mistress of LDW. Registration is NOT Required to access our Sound Files. Become a Member for full access into a world of Cock Tease. 

Get Girlie Forum 

The most welcoming spot on the internet for Gender Benders of every manner. Sissy gurls, cross-dressers, panty lovers, T Girls, and curious kinky folks will find a warm and understanding community to call your own.

The Enchantrix Empire Social Network

With over 4,600 Members and growing The Empire is the place to get to know our Erotic Telephone Entertainers and the fans that adore them. Register for your free account and check out a plethora of Kink specific groups, member and Mistress profiles, remarkable Polls and so much more.

The Empire has the most current information about special events, upcoming Cock Radio Shows and Community Kink Hosted Chats. It is a one stop site for announcements, special offers and all things Enchanting.

LDW’s Free Training & Assignment Blogs

You say you are bored with nothing exciting to do? Not anymore!  

May I Cum? You never know if Mistress will allow you to blow

Tease Mafia More teasing, less denying.

Sissyville Launched in 2006 for the Training and Education of our gender-bending gurls                                                                                                1“

Domination Boot Camp Alluring & superior Women teach you a thing or 4

Cuckold Boot Camp Cream pies for hungry cuckolds

Humiliation Boot CampSexual humiliation

Cock Tease Boot Camp> Teasing is our Specialty